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Eagle Buy Notes -- Tips and Notes for the Online Purchasing System

General Purchasing

Q – At what dollar amount is a bid required through Purchasing?
A – Items and/or services which total more than $9,999.99 require the bid process. For multi-year and/or on-going purchases, the 5 year value of expenditure contracts (10 years for revenue contracts) is taken into account when making this determination.

Q – What’s the maximum term for an expenditure contract? Revenue contract?
A – The University cannot enter into an expenditure contract for more than 5 years total. Revenue contracts may be up to 10 years.

Q – How many vendors are required in the bid process?
A – Bids whose estimated total will be between $10,000 - $49,999.99 require a minimum of 3 vendors. Bids with an estimated total of $50,000 or greater require a minimum of 15 vendors. Note that, when calculating the estimated dollar amount, all possible renewal years must be counted. That is, a contract worth $10,000 a year could potentially be worth up to $50,000 over the maximum allowed term of 5 years. In such a case, $50,000 would be the amount on which the number of vendors should be based.

Q – How many signatures/approvals are required to process a requisition?
A – It depends. This process has been transferred to the Eagle Buy system, and is dependent upon several variables.

Q – When is a Personal Services Contract required?
A – Any service performed on campus requires a contract.

Q – How far in advance should requests for personal service contracts be received in the Purchasing office?
A – Contracts must be fully executed before services are rendered. It is in the best interests of all involved to give the process an ample amount of time.

Furniture Purchases

Q – I wish to buy furniture. Who should I consult?
A – A Facilities Project Manager. Furniture contracts are available.

Procard Information

Q – My department has decided I need to get a Procard. What do I need to do?
A – Fill out and submit the "Procard Request" form on the Eagle Buy homepage. You must go through a Procard training session prior to being issued a card. Upon receipt of your request form, you will be contacted with the next class session (usually one session is held each month).

Q – How long should I wait before I try my new VISA password after your office has reset it?
A – 15 minutes is the absolute minimum, but 30 minutes or more is ideal. You may also need to clear your browser’s cache.

Receiving in Banner and/or Eagle Buy

Q – When is Banner Receiving required?
A – Banner Receiving has been replaced by Eagle Buy Receiving.

Q – How do I receive under the gases contract?
A – Consult your lab technician. Not all gases are covered under the contract. If what you use is listed, then receive it in Eagle Buy. If what you use is NOT listed, then you should direct pay and/or use a Procard.

Q – My copier purchase order has several line items labeled “year one, year two, etc.” Which line should I receive against?
A – Select the line which corresponds to the date of the invoice. For example, if your invoice is dated August 1, 2012, you should select the line item that says something like “Copier Rental: Year One – 7/1/12 – 6/30/13.”

Technology Purchases

Q – What is required to make a technology purchase (i.e. Dell, Apple, etc.)?
A – A requisition with all applicable signatures (addressed under “General Purchasing” above), a copy of the quote OR the quote number, and a copy of the approved ITC approval form (please do NOT send an ITC approval form that still says “No.” It may be returned to you unordered). ***Note: This process has been replaced by Eagle Buy venues.***

Q - Is ITC approval required for my _____ (computer, printer, scanner, software, projector, whats-it, etc.)?
A – Yes. If it will be connected to the University’s network and/or used on (or in) something that is, then ITC approval is necessary.

Q – Which vendors are available for the University to use for computers and printers?
A – Contact ITS or Purchasing for the most up-to-date list.

Q – Are projectors on contract? Do I need ITC approval?
A – Yes and yes. Contact ITS or Purchasing for more information.

Vendor Information

Q – I am a new vendor and would like to register in your vendor database. However, the website gave me an error message when I tried to register. What should I do?
A – Fill out the vendor application online and email or fax the information to us. We will manually enter your company’s information, and then email you the vendor number. Contact Faye Bussell at 931-372-3491 OR by email.

Q – Is a vendor number required prior to submitting a bid?
A – No. Vendor numbers are not required to submit a bid. However, one must be obtained if you are the successful bidder prior to any contract and/or purchase order being issued.

Q - Who may attend University bid openings?
A – All University bid openings are open to the public. Any interested party may attend a bid opening.

Q – I just submitted a bid. When are bid results available?
A – Unless otherwise informed, bid results are not available until an award has been made.

Q - Are your bid opportunities available online?
A - Applicable University bids are available at the following URL: Click on the link "Upcoming Bid Opportunities."