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In a cooperative buying effort, the TBR and U.T. systems have jointly contracted with Staples for office supplies purchases. The Staples contract offers next day desktop delivery and online ordering through the catalog in Eagle Buy. A $60 minimum order level applies to all orders, as additional contract discounts are possible at contract renewal if the system-wide average order size reaches certain levels. Departments are encouraged to maximize order sizes in order to achieve greater discounts.

All office supplies are to be purchased from Staples unless a lower price can be obtained from another vendor. If an office supply purchase is made from a vendor other than Staples, it is the responsibility of the department making the purchase to maintain documentation with its payment file showing proof that a lower price was received on the item. The form used to document the savings is the Staples Exception Form pdf_icon_sm. Please note that these forms are subject to audit/review and must be maintained by the department with its requisition / procurement card file for the period of time as outlined in University Administrative Policies and Procedures.

Office supplies purchases are to be made using the pro-card, however, in the event that an invoiced purchase of this type is made, it will be necessary to include a copy of the completed exception form with the requisition when it is submitted to the Business Office for payment.

You may reach the Staples Customer Care Team toll free at 877-826-7755 or FAX at 877-609-7770.

For help with a Staples order contact:

Jana Calvert, Staples Account Manager for TTU
Phone: (615) 223-7073


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