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Environmental Health & Safety

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program

University officials recognize the importance of AEDs and the benefits of making them available. Two saves have occurred on campus. Additionally several saves have occurred in our city. The City of Cookeville and Putnam County governments have received local, regional and national attention for the AED program here in Cookeville and Putnam County.

AEDs are located in the following buildings:

Location Number of Units
Facilities Services – Custodial Shop 1
Health & P.E. Bldg. (Memorial Gym) 1
Robert and Gloria Bell Hall 4
Hooper Eblen Center 2

Recreation and Fitness Center


Roaden University Center


Southwest Hall


Volpe Library and Media Center

Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion



-Auction/Livestock Barn

Joe L. Evins Appalachian Center for Crafts

Clay Building


Cool Wing


These AEDs are in cabinets that are connected to the telephone system. The Putnam County 911 center is automatically dialed when a cabinet door is opened to retrieve an AED.

Portable AEDs are kept in the following departments:


Number of Units
Athletics 9
Recreation & Fitness Center 2
Roaden University Center 1
University Police Cars 2

Departments wishing to purchase an AED for use in their department and/or building must submit a request to the Director of Campus Safety and Environmental Services for approval. Once approved the Director will order the AED and associated items required for a successful installation.

Certain training requirements must be met prior to AEDs being placed into service. The Campus Recreation Department schedules training classes each semester. TTU’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety pays the training costs for the first 200 individuals to sign up each fiscal year. Special classes maybe scheduled by making arrangements with the Health Promotions Office in Campus recreation.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department is assigned responsibility for the regular maintenance and inspection of AEDs.