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Environmental Health & Safety


Fire evacuation plans are posted in each room. Fire drills are practiced every month with the date, time, number present and evacuation time recorded. Two evacuation cribs are adjacent to the door in the infant room and used to evacuate infants and non ambulatory children. Children and staff that may be on the playground or outside during an evacuation are contacted through walkie-talkies to be alert to the situation and respond with evacuation procedures.

The building has a fire alarm/sprinkler system which is tested and maintained by the University. In addition, the CDL maintains and tests smoke/fire alarms within each classroom.


Tornado drills are practiced periodically (with regular drills during February through June). Children are evacuated to the south hall of the building. Hall office doors are closed, fire doors are closed and a "heads down" position is practiced. A battery-powered radio is kept on hand in the office and taken to the evacuation site during drills.

Bomb Threats (or any situation requiring extended evacuation of the building)

Children are evacuated using the fire evacuation plan. Staff and children proceed to the Roaden University Center. They enter through the second level and gather in the OVC room. In the event such an evacuation is necessary, parents would come to the RUC to pick up their children.

Staff Training

Staff are trained during new hire orientation in the procedures used for emergency situations. In addition they are made familiar with the location and function of the fire alarms, extinguishers, fire panel and switches. Student staff is also made familiar with emergency procedures during the initial student staff meeting of the academic year.

Emergency Contact Books

When a child is registered at the Child Development Lab, the parent/guardians are asked to complete an emergency contact form. The original of this form is kept in the child's classroom in a binder designated as the emergency contact book. Anytime the center is evacuated the book is taken with staff as part of the evacuation procedures (this includes all drills). This means that in case of an actual emergency evacuation, staff will have all the information necessary to contact parents or to receive emergency medical care for a child. We ask that these forms be updated every six months or anytime there is a change in the information. With parental permission a current photograph of the child will be attached to the back of the information page.