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Environmental Health & Safety

The Craft Center's main weather shelter is in the wood hallway. Coordination will be necessary in order to use the shelter to our best advantage. The "internal page to all phones" (lift the handset and dial 51) is the quickest possible way to notify everyone at the Craft Center that a severe weather warning exists. In the case of a tornado warning, this notification should occur as soon as the National Weather Service issues the WARNING for Dekalb County. The paging statement would be as follows, "Please go immediately to the severe weather shelter located in the wood studio hallway." The administration office staff or the security person on duty should announce this message and any other emergency information.

The shelter should be set up as soon as the National Weather Service for middle Tennessee issues a tornado WATCH. During the hours that the facility maintenance staff is here (7:00am - 3:00pm), they will be responsible for setting up the shelter area. The security staff is responsible for the set up at all other times. The basic set up includes setting up chairs, connecting the TV to the antenna and making a battery radio available in case the power goes out. When both security and maintenance are here, security should tell housing residents to come to the shelter while maintenance sets up the hallway.

Basic needs can also be met in the shelter:
1. Bedding is available from the linen room.
2. The closest restrooms to the shelter area are located up the stairs just off the fiber's hallway.
3. A drinking fountain is located between these two restrooms and in the wood studio.
4. The emergency lighting system in this building normally lasts a full ninety minutes after the power is interrupted.

First aid supplies are available in the First Aid Clinic located on the lower level of the administration building; the studio first aid cabinets located in each studio; and the red first aid box located on the desk in the maintenance receiving area.


1. Personal injury accidents:
a. Minor injuries can be handled with the supplies in the studio first aid cabinets.
b. More serious injuries may require supplies that are kept in the first aid clinic or the red first aid box in the M&R receiving area.
c. Depending on the type of injury and other conditions, the injured person may be taken by car to Baptist Dekalb Hospital in Smithville or the Cookeville Regional Medical Center in Cookeville.
d. The most serious accidents can best be handled by calling 911 on the Smithville line for an ambulance and EMT personnel.

2. Fire:
a. Clear persons from the area.
b. Always activate the fire alarm for any size fire.
c. Notify the fire department via the Smithville 911 emergency number.
d. If the fire is manageable, it may be extinguished by using a fire extinguisher.
e. If occupants from housing or a studio building need shelter after evacuation, the administration building conference room or another in this building should be used. The clinic, restrooms, drinking fountains, telephones, tables and chairs are all located in the lower level of the administration building. Blankets and pillows can be carried down from the linen room. The TV and VCR can be rolled in from the AV room closet. If the administration building is being evacuated, the lounge and TV room in the clay building can be used. Restrooms, couches, chairs, drinking fountain and vending machines are present at this location. Telephones are in the blacksmith foyer and clay mixing room.

3. Flooding:
a. If a housing unit floods, the occupants should be offered temporary housing in any unoccupied room or empty bed in an occupied room or the bed in the clinic.
b. If the flooding occurs in one of the studio buildings, extreme caution needs to be exercised. Touching electrical switches, tools and appliances that are on a wet concrete floor can lead to electrocution. Hot sticks are located in almost every studio area in order to provide an insulated tool for moving anything or anyone that comes in contact with electric current.

4. Tornado watches and warnings:
a. See EMERGENCY PLANS on previous page.
b. Thunderstorms, hail and strong winds often accompany this kind of severe weather. Seek shelter inside a building that will provide shelter and an opportunity to stay in touch with the current weather forecasts, such as the lounge area and TV room located in the clay building.

5. Winter storms:
a. Severely cold weather, ice storms and snow can all combine to strand housing residents at the Craft Center. Residents are encouraged to stay aware of such conditions and to make plans accordingly for food, shelter and travel.
b. The salt spreader and snowplow make it possible for us to clear the road in and out of the Center as conditions allow. During the regular workweek the facility maintenance employees are responsible for clearing the drive. At other times the security person on duty needs to maintain the best possible road conditions for residents and emergency vehicles.

Radio: DeWalt battery operated - located in the M&R shop

Television: On cart in AV room closet - transport to wood hall severe weather shelter antenna

Weather Radio: Security office

First Aid Supplies: Administration first aid clinic, M&R first aid box, all studio first-aid cabinets

First Aid Manuals: Administration first aid clinic

Lighting Systems During Power Outages: Ninety minute battery pack exit lighting, four main buildings

Flashlights: M&R office

Water Supply During Power Outage: Water heaters, hydrant M&R shop, kitchen ice machine, tanks

Chairs: AV room, lower administration storeroom - transport on cart

Blankets and Pillows: Linen room

Fire Extinguishers: Located at entrances and exits of buildings

Fire Hoses: Wall mounted at manager residence, kitchen loading dock fence, east end of fibers building

Phone Emergency: Security office, administration/cafeteria foyer, wood bench room, clay cage, blacksmithing foyer

Portable Radios: M&R five Motorola UHF units, Motorola UHF unit administration office

Helicopter Landing Location: Main front concrete pad, lawn area

Boat access: Center Hill Lake at canoe and row boat storage trail.


Local Emergency Services: Fire, Sheriff, Ambulance on 597 - Smithville line dial 911

Craft Center Security: Extension 113; Pager 464-0226

Baptist Dekalb Hospital: 520 W. Main St., Smithville, call on 597 - Smithville line phone 597-7171

Cookeville Regional Medical Center: 142 W 5th St., Cookeville, call on 372 - Cookeville line phone 528-2541

American Red Cross: Dekalb County on 597 - Smithville line phone 597-3166 or 597-7037

Caney Fork Electric Cooperative: Smithville 597-5626, 597-6274 or 1-888-890-6060

Atmos Propane (formerly United Cities) Gas: 1-800-545-5761 or
1-931-686-2255 - Rock Island

Dekalb Utility District Water Company: Smithville 597-6490 or beeper at

Tennessee Tech University Police: On 372- Cookeville line phone 372-3234

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency: 1-800-262-3400 -
24 hour emergency - 1-800-262-3300