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Environmental Health & Safety

1. The Food Service Director, Administrative Assistant or a designated representative will report to the EOC for instructions.

2 The Food Service Supervisor and staff on duty will begin preparation of snacks for victims. If an emergency occurs after hours, the morning supervisor and morning shift will report to duty and begin preparation of meals. Swoops staff will report to the Cafeteria to help in preparation of meals. The morning shift will remain on duty until the evening shift reports to work.

3. The Storeroom manager will take inventory of supplies. Menus will be planned using the perishable foods first, followed by shelf stable foods. Charcoal grills (if available gas cooking stoves) will be used for cooking equipment.

4. In case the emergency involves the cooking facilities in the University Center, other kitchens available for use include the Human Ecology kitchen in South Hall and the concession stands in the Agriculture Pavilion. The Putnam County Schools would also be available to provide food for the students and employees during the disaster.

5. A 7-day supply of food is kept on hand. Local grocery stores and local food distributors would provide back up supplies if needed.