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How do I sign up for TTUAlert?

Directions on how to self register for TTUAlert can be found at How to Register. If you already registered through our PREVIOUS system, your data will be imported into the TTUAlert Rave system automatically (unless we notify you about an error in your information). If your information was imported successfully, you will receive an e-mail message from Rave with instructions on how to manage your account that will read:

TTU has partnered with RAVE Wireless to offer a new, more effective emergency text messaging system called TTUAlert. Because you previously registered in the old system, your information was automatically uploaded into the TTUAlert system through Rave’s online registration.

For your convenience, you have already been registered as a new TTUALERT user.

Your user name is USERNAME.
Your password is PASSWORD.
Please log in at and change your password as soon as possible.
You’ll find more details about this new system, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions at

I'm having trouble registering. Who do I contact?

First, please read through all the questions on this FAQ page. If you still don't see the answer to your problem, please e-mail Kevin Thompson in TTU Telecommunications.

What type of information will be sent through the TTUAlert system?

The university only plans to send notifications via the TTUAlert system for events that impact the majority of the campus, such as school closures or emergencies. Periodically the university will send a test notification to verify the functionality of the system.

The system can only send messages of 132 CHARACTERS in length. An example: Tornado warning from Ntl Weather Svc. Seek shelter area in building. Listen 4 instructions, watch 4 follow-up e-mail or txt msgs. More information will be provided through follow-up text messages, e-mail messages, web postings, media announcements, etc.

Be advised - it takes time to gather and prepare the information to send to you. Campus safety officials will work as quickly as possible to get necessary information to you.

Do I get charged for text messages that the University sends to me?

The university does not charge for messages sent. However, if you do not have a mobile phone plan that includes free text messaging as part of your service, you may be charged by your service provider for text messages received. Check with your mobile service provider for text messaging rate info.

What is my RAVE username?

If you have already registered your cell text message address in the OLD system, your TTUAlert (via RAVE) username should be your full TTU e-mail address (i.e.

Can I register my PDA for TTUAlert?

If your PDA has cell phone capabilities and can receive text messages, it can be registered to use the TTUAlert system.

Can I still receive alerts if I don't have a cell phone?

Yes. The system sends alerts to both registered cell phones and e-mail addresses. See How to Register for instructions on self registering.

If I change my cell phone number, can I change my number in the TTUAlert system?

Yes. Go to, and login to your account. Once logged into your account, you can choose to edit your cell phone number using the links on the left.

Is the information I provide given to outside parties?

No, the information you provide is only used by TTU. The information is not sold or provided to outside companies, other than Rave Wireless, which hosts the TTUAlert system.

There are a number of text messaging services that make their money by allowing companies to use the student data gathered to send advertisements. One reason the TTU used a paid-for product was to keep full control of the information, so it would not be shared with third-party vendors.

Is the information I provide secure?

The data is secure both in how it is collected and stored. The Web site used to gather the information has 128 bit encryption (https:), so data is encrypted as it is entered and stored. Rave also uses commercial data centers to house their servers and limit access.

I received a text message from 67283. Is this a valid TTUAlert number?

Yes, 67283 is the Common Short Code used by the vendor that provides the TTUAlert system. Text messages received from this number are valid and part of the TTUAlert system. You can add the number to your cell phone’s address book and modify the display name to make it more recognizable for future messages.

What’s the difference between the “TTU broadcast alerts” and the “TTU non-emergency Weather Alerts”?

TTU broadcast alerts are EMERGENCY messages, such as a tornado warning or campus emergency that affects the majority of the campus population. They are sent to ALL registrants – you cannot opt out of receiving the broadcast alert messages if you registered in the Rave Alert system. TTU non-emergency Weather Alerts relate to non-life threatening weather notices (tornado watch, thunderstorm warning) or cancellations due to weather that do not affect the majority of our students, faculty or staff (night classes canceled). You have the option of choosing whether or not you receive the non-emergency alerts by text message and/or e-mail.

What if I use a Tracfone?

Tracfone is not a supported carrier for use in Rave. Tracfone uses other underlying carriers which can be different depending on your location. Since our system cannot tell who the underlying carrier is, we don't know where to send the message.

If you use a Tracfone and can identify your underlying carrier, locate the SMTP address for your phone at Then use the SMTP address for your phone as your Preferred Email Address in Rave. This will send the alerts as an email to your mobile phone.

What if I have a T-Mobile pre-paid account?

T-Mobile does not allow automated text messages to their pre-paid phones. Because of this restriction by T-Mobile, the user will not receive the confirmation code or any future alerts.
A good workaround for this is to put your text message email address in your Rave profile as your preferred email address. For T-Mobile, this is 10 digit mobile You can test this address by emailing a test message to this email address. You should receive the email as a text message.

How can I stop receiving messages from the TTUalert system?

Once registered, you can opt out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

I'm a parent.  How do I get signed up for TTUalert?

Only people with an can sign up for an account, but students CAN add multiple numbers into the system to notify their parents or guardians about campus activity.

A student can add another number by following the following steps:

  1. Log into the TTUalert system.
  2. Click on "My Account."
  3. Click "edit" under "Mobile Contacts."
  4. Click "Add New Contact."