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Tennessee Tech uses the Rave Alert for its TTUalert text messaging system. Therefore, when you sign up for the system or administer your account, you will leave the main Tennessee Tech website.  Make sure you are at before you enter any personal information.  You will see the following login screen:


1. New Users: Click on the "Join Now" button on the login page. Because TTUalert is an optional, opt-in system, an account is not automatically set up for you upon registration with Tennessee Tech.

2. Verify School: You must enter your Tennessee Tech e-mail account on this screen (you cannot use an outside provider's e-mail account such as Gmail or Yahoo. The domain must be in order for you to sign up for TTUalert):


3. Select the "Next" button:


4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Rave. Click on the link in the e-mail and follow the steps to create your Rave Alert account.

5. After being directed from the e-mail, enter your account information into the dialog boxes:

  • User Name ( e-mail address)
  • Password (this does not have to be your Tennessee Tech PClab account password)
  • First Name/Last Name
  • Mobile Number (necessary to receive text alerts on your mobile phone)
  • Preferred E-mail Address (e-mail address where Rave can contact you)


6. Once you have reviewed the Terms of Use, select the checkbox "I agree to Rave's Terms of Use."

7. Select "Next."


8. Once you enter your mobile phone number on the "Create Account" page, Rave will send you a four-digit confirmation code via text message on your mobile phone. This is used to verify your wireless number and carrier. Enter the four-digit code. If you did not receive your code, select the link "Request a New One."

9. Select "Finish." You will have the option to enter your code at a later time by selecting "Skip, I'll enter code later." If you elect not to register your mobile number at this time, you will receive a message on your home page letting you know that Text Alerts are inactive.


10. When your Rave Alert account is set up and you have entered your confirmation code, you will receive the "Finished!" page welcoming you to Rave Alerts.

11. We suggest you enter the system with the "Start Using Rave Now" link. There you will be able to sign up for (or opt out of) receiving specific non-emergency channels, such as weather alerts.

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