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A-1 Budget Revision
A-2 Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)
A-3 Requisition for Supplies
A-4 Travel Requisition - Estimated
A-5 Travel Requisition - Actual
A-6 Class Travel Release Form
A-7 Travel Expense Claim Form
A-8 Individual Travel Release Form
A-9 Subsidiary Receipt
A-10 Ticket Reconciliation Form
A-11 Departmental Deposit Summary
A-12 Petty Cash Reconciliation
A-13 Departmental Charge Form
A-14 Request for Food Purchase
A-15 Mileage & Parking Claim for Use of Personal Vehicle
A-16 Moving Expense Agreement
A-17 Immigration Expense Allowance Agreement
A-18 Liability Release Form
A-19 Assumption of Risk and Release
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EB-1 Faculty or Administrative/Professional Staff Grant-in-Aid Recommendation Form
EB-2 Faculty or Administrative/Professional Staff Grant-in-Aid Contract
EB-3 Promissory Note (Grant-in-Aid; Black Faculty/Staff Development)
EB-4 Faculty/Administrative/Professional Staff Tuition or Maintenance Reimbursement Program
EB-5 Employee Audit/Non-Credit Program
EB-6 Application for Staff Scholarship
EB-7 PC 191 Fee Waiver
EB-8 Black Faculty and Staff Development Grant-in-Aid Program
EB-9 Request for Fee Discount for Spouse and/or Dependent
EB-10 Leave and Extra Time Report
EB-11 Summary Leave Report
EB-12 Application for Military Service Retirement Credit
EB-13 Notification of Accident or Occupational Illness
EB-14 Application for Retirement Credit for Educational Leave of Absence
EB-15 Request for Family and Medical Leave
EB-16 Certification of Health Care Provider
EB-17 Sick Leave Donation Agreement
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IC-1 Request for Change in Accountability Form
IC-2 Equipment Coding Classifications
IC-3 Property Loan Request Form
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M-1 New Key Request Form

M-1a New Key Request Form - Res Life

M-2 Key Transferal Form

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P/P-1 Advertisement - Secretary II
P/P-2 Clerical & Support Applicant Evaluation
P/P-3 Sample Advertisement - Assistant Professor
P/P-4 Faculty Applicant Evaluation
P/P-7A Checklist for Administrative Appointments
P/P-7B Checklist for Clerical & Support Appointments
P/P-7C Checklist for Faculty Appointments
P/P-8 Personnel Action Form
P/P-10 Application for Graduate Assistantship
P/P-11 Administrator Evaluation Form
P/P-12 Employee Evaluation Form (Clerical and Support)
P/P-13 Job Specifications
P/P-14 Position Description
P/P-15 Position Classification Questionnaire (Clerical and Support)
P/P-16 Administrative/Professional Position Evaluation Plan - Questionnaire
P/P-17 Supervisor's Statement of Employee's Position
P/P-18 Administrative/Professional Position Evaluation Plan - Supervisor's Verification
P/P-19 Extra Pay and Summer Pay Time Sheet
P/P-21 Verification of Age
P/P-22 Faculty Activity Report
P/P-23 Requisition for Restricted (Grant) Accounts
P/P-24 Volunteer Services Agreement
P/P-25 Exit Checklist
P/P-27 University Academic Scholarship Contract
P/P-29 College Work Study Program (CWSP) Assignment and Instruction Sheet
P/P-30 College Work Study Program Student Payroll Report
P/P-31 Student and Hourly Employees Time Sheet (Green)
P/P-32 I-9 Card
P/P-33 University Work Program Student Payroll Report
P/P-34 Requisition for Student Salaries
P/P-35 Student and Hourly Employees Time Sheet (Blue)
P/P-36 Student and Hourly Employees Time Sheet (Red)
P/P-37 Affirmative Action Complaint Form
P/P-38 Adverse Action Notice
P/P-39 Clerical & Support New Employee Orientation
P/P-40 Administrative/Faculty New Employee Orientation
P/P-43 Financial Interests Disclosure Form
P/P-44 Reporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

P/P-46 Bid Disclosure


Two Examples of Written Warnings


Example of Memorandum Requesting Probation


Example of Memorandum Requesting Requesting Suspension Without Pay


Example of Memorandum Requesting Requesting Suspension With Pay


Example of Memorandum Requesting Requesting Demotion


Example of Memorandum Requesting Requesting Termination

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RF-1 Class Travel Release Form
RF-2 Individual Travel Release Form
RF-3 Liability Release Form
RF-4 Assumption of Risk and Release
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CP-1 Map of Non-Designated Areas
CP-2 Facilities Use Application-Short Form Agreement

CP-3 List of Facilities and Rental Rates

CP-4 List of Facilities


Use of Facilities Long Form Agreement