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Response to an Active Shooter Situation

In teaching Response to Critical Incidents, the University Police Department follows the recommendation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by teaching the Run, Hide, or Fight techniques.

These techniques and information were chosen for their simplicity and ease of learning, but also because no one answer is correct for every individual that may be on or near our campus in the event of a critical situation such as an active shooter.  Individuals must make the determination of what course of action provides them the best chance of survival for an incident of this nature.


RUN: If possible, evacuate the area and call 9-1-1.  This option should be chosen if you could evacuate the area without placing yourself in the line of fire from the active shooter(s).

HIDE: If evacuation from the area is not an option, then you should hide.  Make every effort to stay out of sight and in a locked room.  Barricade the doorway with whatever is available; the idea is to make it as difficult as possible for the individual to encounter you.

FIGHT: Should you have no other option, as a last resort, fight.  Remember to be as aggressive as possible.  This individual is intent on attempting to take your life.  Use whatever you have available as a weapon and stop the threat to you.

The FBI recommends watching the following video which provides more details about surviving an active shooter event using the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT method:

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