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Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual Assault Statistics for College Students
1 in 6 college-aged women reports being raped during her college career.*
57% of college rape victims are attacked on dates (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
1 in 10 college-aged men admits to using excessive force to gain sex (Koss, Woodruff, and Koss, 1990).
At least 75% of college date rapes involve alcohol and/or drugs (CORE Alcohol and Drug Survey, 1998).
Nine out of 10 women raped on campus did not report the assault (Rape Treatment Center, Santa Monica, 1995).
*These statistics were reported by the National Victim Center/Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center and the U.S. Senate Judiciary

What should you do after a sexual assault or rape?
Tell Someone
Call someone —a friend, a counselor, anyone you feel comfortable talking to.

Tennessee Tech Counseling Center 372-3331
Genesis House Sexual Assault Response Center 526-5197
Cookeville Regional Medical Center 528-2541
University Police 911 or 372-3234
Cookeville Police 911 or 526-2125
Seek Medical Attention
You could be injured, become pregnant or have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. Medical attention is available at Genesis House’s Sexual Assault Response Center or Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

Preserve Physical Evidence
Don’t bathe, shower or clean yourself. If possible, don’t brush your teeth, smoke, urinate, drink, or change your clothes. If you have changed clothes, put the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault in a paper bag.

Obtain Counseling
Tennessee Tech Counseling Center staff members can be reached evenings and weekends through Tennessee Tech Police. Genesis House provides counseling 24 hours a day. All counseling is strictly confidential.

Reporting: The Decision is Yours
It is your decision to report a sexual assault to law enforcement. Reporting a rape or sexual assault to University Police or university officials does not initiate criminal charges. Such action creates a record should you decide to sign a criminal complaint. Tennessee Tech Police and Residential Life must inform the university administration that an alleged sexual assault has occurred. An investigation and university judicial proceedings may occur independent of your involvement. Once a criminal complaint is filed, a prosecutor may decide to prosecute independent of your decision to bring charges. Genesis House Sexual Assault Response Center is not required to report sexual assault to law enforcement unless you choose to do so. If you seek medical attention at Cookeville Regional Medical Center or Tennessee Tech Health Services, a report will be made to law enforcement.

Safe Dating Advice
Did you know that dating could be dangerous? About 57% of all sexual assaults occur on a date. Please follow these suggestions to reduce your risk of being assaulted.

Meet a first date or a blind date with friends or in a public place.
Arrange for your own transportation, so you can leave if you are in an uncomfortable situation.
Always carry enough money for a phone call or a taxi.
Trust your feelings. If someone's behavior makes you nervous, leave immediately.
Be careful not to let alcohol or other drugs decrease your ability to take care of yourself.
Don't leave your drink unattended or take open drinks from anyone other than a bartender or server.
Sedating drugs can be slipped into your drink by a potential rapist.
Don't leave a party, concert or any other event with someone you just met or don't know well.
Let someone know who you are meeting, where you are going, and when you expect to return.
Decide what your sexual limits are before you get into a sexual situation.
Communicate your sexual limits with a firm tone of voice and clear body language.
Assert yourself-demand to be treated with respect!

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