Parking Regulations

A. The University lots are divided into six different areas color-coded on the map that a student receives with the parking permit. These areas have been established to provide convenience to the maximum number of University members and to keep intra-campus traffic to a minimum.

B. Parking areas are marked by color-coded signs that match the color-coded permits, indicating areas in which the particular vehicle may be parked. Vehicles parked outside these areas will be cited for illegal parking.

C. Parking restrictions in the color-coded areas are effective from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except when school is officially out of session. (School is officially in session the first day of registration and officially out the day of commencement). Tech Village parking restrictions are enforced on a 24-hour-a-day basis. Visitors may park in the area of the Tech Village Community Center. Campus registration of motor vehicles for faculty, staff and students - full-time, part-time and night - is required for Fall Semester and must be maintained throughout the year. Registration is required to operate a vehicle on campus anytime of day, night and weekends. FOR FULL INFORMATION, SEE "REGISTERING YOUR VEHICLE WITH CAMPUS POLICE".

D. Parking spaces marked for the PRESIDENT, HEAD RESIDENT, CAMPUS POLICE, MAIL SLOTS, DISABLED, FACILITIES, or ANY OTHER PARKING SPACE DESIGNATED FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON OR DEPARTMENT is reserved on a 24-hour basis each week. Visitor and 30-minute parking spaces are effective from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day that university offices are officially open.

E. At no time are motor vehicles to be parked where curbs, sidewalks or crosswalks are marked by yellow painting. Likewise, vehicles are to be parked within the stalls and are not to protrude into another stall or marked space. Vehicles are not permitted to park on grass and must be parked in an authorized parking stall.

F. Disabled vehicles will not be allowed to remain on campus beyond a reasonable time and will be removed by campus police at the owner’s expense, not to exceed 30 days.

G. Vehicles parked longer than the allotted time will be charged with an overtime violation. Timed parking is enforced from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, except when school is officially out. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted to park in the timed parking areas. It shall not be permitted for the owner or operator of a vehicle to park or allow his/her vehicle to be parked in a parking space regulated by timed parking for more than the allotted time.

H. Motorcycles must park in a regular marked parking space or in spaces marked for motorcycles. They must be parked in assigned lots.

I. Trailers, boats and similar vehicles will not be parked anywhere on campus without specific approval of the Director of the Tennessee Tech Police Department, in such spaces that may be designated.

J. Any vehicle bearing a valid Tennessee Tech parking permit may park in the "Open Parking" lots located at various locations.

K. Vehicles will be removed from campus streets, parking lots or other areas when parked in violation of these regulations or left in such a way as to create a safety hazard to persons or property. Vehicles that cannot be identified may be restrained by a wheel lock or towed away. The cost of removal will be paid by the registrant or owner.

L. Vehicles blocking dumpsters, firelanes, wheelchair ramps, sidewalks or parked in driveways in such a manner that would obstruct the traffic flow or block a parked vehicle will be cited for illegal parking or removed.

M. VISITORS' parking spaces are reserved for persons visiting the campus on official business; therefore, vehicles bearing University permits or operated by FACULTY, STAFF and STUDENTS of the University are not permitted in these spaces between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Faculty, staff and students are not considered visitors at any time.

N. STUDENTS, FACULTY and STAFF who have physical disabilities may request a special permit from TTU Health Services or a personal physician in order to park as near to their classrooms or work area as possible. This special permit will then be brought to the University Police Department where a temporary permit will be issued for the specified length of time. Persons with disabled registration may park in visitor or 30-minute spaces and faculty, staff and student lots.

O. All vehicles bearing west dorm parking permits must park in the West Dorm or Open Parking lot. This includes head residents of West Dorms.

P. Vehicles bearing commuter parking permits will park in the Commuter or Open parking lots. All students living in Tech Village must display a valid parking permit on their vehicle. The parking permit will be ORANGE in color. When parking on the Tennessee Tech campus, Tech Village residents are allowed to park in the Commuter and Open Parking lots.

Q. All vehicles bearing east dorm parking permits (GREEN in color) must park in the parking lot on the east side of the east dormitories or in the Open Parking lot. This includes head residents of east dorms.

R. Each visitor operating a vehicle on campus must abide by all rules and regulations even though the person is not a student or employee.

S. In case of flagrant or repeated parking violations resulting in the removal of a vehicle from the campus, the owner or registrant shall pay the removal costs.

Parking Fines

July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009
Traffic Fines Nonrefundable (per semester)
Registration Violation:
Parking in Unassigned Area $20.00 plus $10.00 progressively
Improper Tag Display-Parked in assigned area $5.00
Improper Tag Display-Parked in unassigned area *$25.00
Failure to Register Vehicle $25.00
Displaying any Parking Permit Registered to Another Person $35.00
Expired Temporary Permit in assigned area w/o valid parking decal $25.00
Expired Temporary Permit in assigned area with valid parking decal $5.00
Expired Temporary Permit in unassigned area *$25.00
Altered Temporary Permit $5.00
Altered Permanent Permit $35.00

Parking Violation

$15.00 plus $10.00 progressively
Handicapped Parking Violation
(Cannot be appealed)
Meter and 30-minute Violation $5.00 plus $5.00 progressively
Moving Violation $30.00 plus $30.00 progressively
Firelane Parking
First Offense $25.00
Subsequent Violation $50.00
* Does not include "Parking in Unassigned Area" fine


A citation received by a student may be appealed to the Student Appeals Committee within (15) fifteen academic days. Appeals made later than (15) fifteen academic days following issuance will NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Citations received by faculty and staff may be appealed within (15) fifteen academic days to the Staff and Faculty Committee.