Parking information for Tennessee Tech


Campus Parking Map

Parking Rules and Regulations- Policy 415


During the week, all vehicles parked on campus are required to have a valid parking permit. The parking permit must be completely visible from outside the vehicle, including the permit number, with no obstructions blocking any portion of the permit. All vehicles must be parked legally at all times. They must be parked completely within a legal parking space and are not permitted to park on grass.

Please note that parking permits may not be shared.  You may only park on campus with a permit that you purchased.

Parking Zones

Five parking zones on campus are designated by the following color codes:

  • Gold (employee inner campus)
  • Red (student inner campus)
  • Green (student residence halls)
  • Teal (Tech Village)
  • Purple (outer campus)

Zone parking is enforced between 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, when classes are in session, including summer sessions. All other times, vehicles may park in any non-designated space on campus, with the exception of green/teal zone lots, which are only available to residence hall/Tech Village students and are enforced 24/7.

30-Minute Parking Areas

There are a limited number of 30-minute spaces available in front of Derryberry Hall and down Peachtree Avenue. Parking in these spaces is limited to 30 minutes. Vehicles parked in these spaces are required to display a Tech parking permit (any level, including visitor).


Penalties for failure to follow parking rules and regulations range from citations to towing.

Accessible Parking

All individuals who have a state-issued disabled placard or license plate and are eligible to purchase any Tennessee Tech parking permit are eligible to purchase a blue (accessible) parking permit. The blue parking permit will allow a person to park in any spot on campus designated with the universal symbol of accessibility and to park near whatever building they need access to, regardless of zone. The cost of the blue permit is the base permit price (same as the purple permit).

To obtain a University accessible parking permit, individuals will need to present documentation of their disability to University Police.

Permit Holders Use of Visitor Parking Prohibited

Visitor parking spaces are reserved for campus visitors only. Vehicles bearing non-visitor university parking permits or operated by Tennessee Tech faculty, staff, or students cannot park in these spaces reserved specifically for visitors.