Accessible Parking Permits

About the university accessible parking permit

An accessible parking permit allows you to park in any spot on campus designated with the universal symbol of accessibility, regardless of the zone. If there are no available accessible spaces, this permit allows a person to park in any spot on campus near whatever building they need access to, regardless of zone, in any legal space on campus not specifically reserved for a particular group or individual (Mail, Facilities, Assistant Coordinator, Visitor, etc.).

Obtaining a university accessible parking permit

All individuals who have a state-issued disabled placard or license plate, and are eligible to purchase any Tennessee Tech parking permit, are eligible to purchase a university-issued accessible parking permit (Blue permit). The cost of the Blue permit is the base permit price (same as the Purple permit).

To obtain a Tech Blue parking permit, which has the universal symbol of accessibility on it, individuals will need to present documentation of their disability to University Police. This will be required in the form of paperwork issued either by the State of Tennessee identifying you as the owner of a disabled placard or a disabled license plate. This documentation will be verified for accuracy and to confirm the expiration date of the placard or plate. Alternatively, you may also present paperwork from the university’s Health Services department demonstrating a verifiable need for a temporary disabled permit.

Once the paperwork has been verified, you will be contacted via email once a disabled permit has been made available for you via the online parking services website. You will be able to reserve your permit at a flat rate, $122 for employees and $102 for students.

Displaying a university accessible parking permit

You must display the university accessible parking permit along with your state-issued hang tag or license plate. Please display the university permit in front of any state-issued hang tag or permit.

Should you have questions about reserving an accessible parking permit, call the police department at 931-372-3234.