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Required Forms

Overview of Process

These changes require submission to the Tennessee Board of Regents once they have been approved on campus as outlined below. The Provost's office then sends the forms to TBR for approval and notification. Proposals will be accepted on a continual basis. Proposals (other than degree programs) received by the 15th of each month (except December) will typically be reviewed by the end of the month and summaries prepared for consideration by the Board through the 30-day review process. Approval by the Chancellor, through delegated authority, will be given at the end of the 30-day review period unless objections were voiced by the Board. Review TBR Guideline A-010.

Approval Process

Prepare a proposal using the required forms listed at the top of this page. Obtain approval from the following offices/committees.

  1. Departmental faculty
  2. College curriculum committee and dean
  3. University Curriculum Committee (if undergraduate) or Graduate School Executive Committee (if graduate level)
  4. Academic Council - the complete proposal on the Short Form must be submitted to the Academic Council
  5. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs – send one electronic copy in Microsoft Word format and a hard copy with the appropriate signatures on the TTU Cover Form.

The proposal will be sent by the Provost Office to TBR for the staff approval and notification. It will take approximately two months.

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