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AOR to AGP Transition 

Following the recommendations of the work completed in the Chairs Task Force regarding faculty annual evaluation, the transition from use of the Agreement on Responsibilities (AOR) document to the Activities and Goal Planning Document (AGP) will begin with the upcoming annual faculty evaluation period in January 2023. Faculty should consult with Department Chairs and School Directors regarding the internal department deadline for submission of the AGP. Typically, the AGP will be submitted, as was the previous AOR document, with the submission of the faculty Annual Activity Report (AAR).

The primary distinction between the AOR and AGP documents is the addition of goal statements. The AGP is a prospective planning document that is intended to initiate dialogue between the faculty member and Chair/Director regarding faculty goals for the upcoming calendar year of 2023. Chairs and Directors will participate in a workshop in January 2023 to be able to support faculty with goal development and attainment.


Beginning January 2023 - Faculty submit the annual activity report standard to their respective departments and according to internal department deadlines. As in past years, this annual activity report is based off the AOR submitted at last year's annual evaluation with the Chair/Director. In addition, the AGP document should be submitted.*

During calendar year 2023 - Faculty will pursue proposed activities and goals outlined in the AGP document.

By close of December 2023 - Faculty will reflect on proposed activities and goals and evaluate them. Final revision and evaluation of goals occurs in preparation for completion of the faculty AAR to be generated and submitted in Watermark® beginning January 2024.*

*NOTE: The AGP document is not the new faculty activities digital database, by Watermark® (formerly known as Digital Measures). Training for that Watermark® system is in pilot phase with over 45 faculty, across colleges entering data. The AGP document will assist to transition to use of that system for the 2024 faculty annual evaluation period. Specific training and direction regarding the Watermark® system will occur in 2023 with additional details forthcoming over the year.

Document Comparison

View the AOR and AGP documents below. Each of the main workload areas has been highlighted on the documents, as well as the proposed addition of the goals section in the AGP. 

AOR.       AGP 

Download the current AGP document. 

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