Office of the Provost

Faculty Development Fund

      The purpose of the TTU Faculty Development Fund is to support the mission of the university and to assist faculty in improving their capacity and performance as teachers, scholars, and university citizens.

      There are two types of support available from the Faculty Development Fund:

      1. Travel Support

      The Faculty Development Fund is a source of support for travel when faculty present scholarly papers or peer-reviewed work at state, national or international professional meetings.


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      2. Professional Development

      The Faculty Development Fund supports faculty in pursuing professional development opportunities in areas such as teaching and learning, leadership, accreditation, assessment, and other strategic areas.


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      Faculty Development Steering Committee

      • Dr. Douglas Bates, Dean / Library & Learning Assistance / TTU Box 5066
      • Dr. Sally Pardue, Director / Millard Oakley STEM Center / TTU Box 5112
      • Dr. Steve Robinson, Director of TQI / TTU Box 5051
      • Dr. Mark Stephens, Senior Associate Provost / TTU Box 5017
      • Dr. Lenly Weathers, Director of QEP / TTU Box 5015
      • Dr. Lanise Rosemond, Faculty Coordinator / Leadership Programs / TTU Box 5043
      • Dr. Michael Allen, Interim Director / Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning / TTU Box 5066
      • Dr. Patrick Wilson, Associate Vice-President / Digital and Distance Education / TTU Box 5182

Executive Officer: Dr. Sharon Huo

Non-Voting Resource Person: Ms. Yvette Clark, Ms. Lauren Neal