Office of the Provost

New Programs & Program Modifications


  • Any changes made pursuant to program modifications must comply with TTU Policy 221 (Substantive Change). SACSCOC must be notified about any substantive changes!

Tennessee Tech hereby adopts Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) policies: A1.0 New Academic Programs: Approval Process , A1.1 Academic Program Modifications , A1.3 New Academic Units , and A1.5 Academic Actions Notification, as may be amended from time to time.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) must review and approve new academic programs, academic program modifications, new academic units (divisions, colleges, and schools), and new instructional locations as specified in THEC policies. To maintain the accuracy of the state's Academic Program Inventory (API), THEC policy A1.5 Academic Actions Notification describes a process for identifying academic actions that require THEC notification .

  • THEC A1.3 New Academic Units

THEC Financial Projection Form

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