Office of the Provost

Tennessee Tech Rural Development Institute [TTU-RDI]


To generate and disseminate objective knowledge and provide services addressing the challenges and opportunities that exists in rural communities. To share this information with other scholars, policymakers and businesses in order to create public awareness of issues related to rural communities.


To teach, perform scholarly studies, policy analysis and advocacy work concerning topics such as rural/Appalachian social policy, agriculture and economics, technology, STEM education, arts and crafts, education delivery, and music and culture.

Areas of interest include:

  • Appalachian Arts, Crafts and Music
  • Appalachian History and Socioeconomics Issues
  • Agritourism [any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm]
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Energy and Water
  • Farm Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses
  • Education
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Healthcare
  • New Technology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Quality of Life
  • Tourism

Examining issues related to poverty and income, population trends, employment, food and agriculture, farm characteristics, farm financial indicators, commodities, imports and exports, water and energy, education, federal funds, manufacturing, music, arts and culture, and historical studies.

Personnel and Special Appointments:

In addition to regular appointments, one-year renewable appointments and short-term appointments of less than one year may be available. Appointments may include:

  • Fellows and Senior Fellows - Accomplished individuals (faculty and others) with known expertise in a particular area of interest
  • Visiting Scholars - National and international scholars
  • Executives in Residence - Individuals with valuable experience (government, industry, business) related to the Institute‚Äôs mission
  • Summer Fellows (Faculty, other scholars and experts)
  • Interns and Summer Interns