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The American Association of Colleges and Universities describes ePortfolios (also known as digital portfolios) as digital repositories of student work and in 2016, based upon proliferating research examining the efficacy of ePortfolios, added them to their list of High Impact Practices (HIPs). Because they are considered a High Impact Practice, ePortfolios, especially when constructed within the framework for organizing learning, serve as a critical thinking/ creative inquiry exercise in their creation.  When constructed within the framework for organizing learning, ePortfolios are designed to be owned and developed by student learners with guidance from faculty. Moreover, when combined with other HIPs, ePortfolios might be considered a meta-high-impact practice. (Watson, et al., 2016)

While Tennessee Tech students are encouraged to start their own ePortfolio during their first year, and to update it throughout their entire college career, ePortfolios are also a useful tool for faculty wishing to organize and share their work.  We hope that the Tennessee Tech ePortfolio Project will serve as a tool kit for both faculty and students wanting to utilize ePortfolios in their own unique way.

Student Examples

ePortfolio Student Guide

Field Guide to ePortfolios

High Impact Practices 

TTU ePortfolio Evaluation Rubric

ePortfolios in the College Classroom - Presentation by Shelley Brown, Senior Instructor, Department of Sociology and Political Science

The International Journal of ePortfolio:   http://www.theijep.com/index.html

Shelley Brown

For more information contact Shelley Brown:  csbrown@tntech.edu

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