The Fitness Center's 25-meter lap pool is 3.5 to 5 feet deep, and the temperature is maintained at approximately 83 degrees year round. There are 5 lanes for lap swim as well as an area for fitness classes, swim lessons, basketball, or just plain family fun! The pool area includes water equipment for fun and learning, men's and women's full locker rooms complete with saunas and a machine to spin dry your wet clothes. A lifeguard is on duty at all times. 



  • Lap Swimming Etiquette - Several people can fit in one lane if proper etiquette is observed
  • Lane Speed - take time to observe the other swimmers before deciding which lane to enter and choose to match your speed. Entering a lane - always enter feet first
  • Direction of swim - use the rules of the road, "stay to the right"
  • Passing - the best place to pass is at the wall, but if you must pass in the middle of a lane, do so between the backstroke flags and to the inside of the lane. A light touch on the foot of the swimmer will signify you want to pass.
  • Resting - at the wall, stay to the right of the lane and be aware of swimmers around you.


  • Pool depth is 3.5 to 5 feet
  • Pool length is 25 meters
  • A length is once down the lane
  • A lap is 2 lengths
  • 1 mile is 32 laps

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