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Employee Memberships

Employees of Tennessee Tech University including part-time and full-time faculty and staff are eligible for an employee membership. Employee memberships are paid for at time of enrollment, or by monthly payroll deduction. 

Only current, full-time employees of Tennessee Tech University are eligible for Payroll Deduction. 


 Full amount paid at time of enrollment.

Per 6 Months

Per 12 Months

Employee $160 $310
Spouse $100 $190
Child (age 5 to 15) per child $65 $65
Child (age 16 to 22) per child $75 $95

Payroll Deduction (Annual Salary below 30k)


Cost Per Month

Employee $16
Family Total $12
Locker / Towel  $4

Payroll Deduction (Annual Salary above 30K)


Cost Per Month

Employee $25
Family Total $15
Locker / Towel $4

Locker Rentals and Towel Service


 Per 6 Months

Per 12 Months

Large Locker $35 $45
Small Locker $6 $12
Towel Service $35 $45

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