Rules & Regulations

  1. An Eagle card or valid Photo ID card must be presented to the front desk attendant upon entering facility.
  2. No food or open drink allowed in the building except in vending area.
  3. Only suitable indoor athletic shoes, no jogging shoes may be worn on the wooden playing surfaces. No black soles or other soles that mark the floors are allowed. Please be sure shoes are free of dirt before beginning play. 
  4. For your safety and the health of others, bare feet or sock feet are not allowed.
    Alcohol, narcotics, steroids, or tobacco products, (including 'Vape' products) may not be consumed, possessed, or displayed in the center. Weapons are not allowed in the building.  Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and pets are not allowed in the facility.
  5. No signs, posters, advertisements, or decorations may be placed in the center without approval of the Director.
  6. Use of the facility is a privilege. Individuals not cooperating with established policies will be asked to leave and may have their privileges revoked.
  7. Unauthorized persons are not to alter the arrangement of equipment or change the height of non-adjustable equipment.
  8. Users are asked not to carry on an activity in such a way as to interfere with another activity in an adjacent segment of the building.
  9. Persons abusing the equipment may be prohibited from using the facility.
  10. Clothing should be appropriate to the activity: swimming suits or trunks (not cutoffs) for the pool; upper and lower body covered for other activities.
  11. "Spotters" should be utilized for free weight usage.
  12. Weights are not to be taken from the designated area.
  13. Free weights must be replaced in the appropriate racks after use.
  14. Please - - - No profanity.
  15. Primary member must join before dependents are eligible for membership.
  16. Proof of dependent identification may be required at time of dependent membership purchase (joint checking account for spouse, birth certificate for child, etc.)
  17. Guests should stay with member at all times and must leave the facility at the same time as member.
  18. Racquetball court reservations will be lost if court is not occupied 15 minutes after reservation time.
  19. The 1/6 mile track is for running and walking. Please do not stretch or stand on the track. Baby strollers are not allowed on the track. An East to West pattern is used on the track.
  20. The user is responsible for any and all equipment checked out for use in the building. If the equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, payment must be made for the replacement cost.
  21. Those who are not Tennessee Tech students and who are less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by a member at all times when inside the center.
    An individual must be 16 to participate in an aerobics class.
  22. For the safety of all children under the age of 16, all weight room and cardiovascular equipment is off limits! This equipment is not properly sized for them and use could result in injury.

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