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Intramural Sports

Registration Through FusionIM

Intramural sports registrations are now only being offered through FusionIM. By accessing this portal, all eligible Tennessee Tech students, faculty, and staff can find information about all our offered sports. This page will serve as a resource to all Intramural Sports participants.

There is no need to create an account, you simply log in using your Tech credentials, and because everything is connected, eagle cards will no longer be required for participation!

In addition to registration, captains will be able to invite team members, view scheduled games and brackets, and communicate directly with our staff. We hope that utilizing the portal creates a simple and streamlined experience for all intramural participants. 

Ready to get involved? Head over to FusionIM to create or join a team. 


Depending on the sport, multiple different leagues are offered to ensure a positive competition experience for all participants. The majority of sports offer the opportunity for men and women to compete separately. Co-recreational leagues are sometimes available. If a league is labeled as "open", any combination of male and female participants is accepted. 

Our sports are also divided into three different leagues based on the skill of participants or the desired competition level. Our hope is for captains to consider the skill level of their team and choose appropriately. An overview of our leagues is listed below.

  • Elite: The elite league appeals to the team and individuals with above average skill who desire a high level of competition. Participants in this league typically played the sport in high school, play(ed) in local leagues, or have played for many years.
  • Recreational: The recreational league appeals to players and teams of various skill levels who desire a more relaxed and fun atmosphere with some occasional competitive match-ups.
  • Casual: (offered for select sports) this league appeals to participants that have beginner level experience playing that specific sport. This league is intended for fun and relaxed play only.

Ultimately, the intramural office will make the final decision concerning which league is appropriate for each team. 

Creating a team will be one of the main functions that you complete on FusionIM. The process is not difficult and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. 

Intramural games will be scheduled utilizing divisions with a set game time each week. Time preferences will no longer be used. It is the responsibility of the captain to choose the division that suits the needs of their team. 

Before starting a team registration, you will need to have the following information: 

  • Competition level that is appropriate for your team
  • Team Name
  • The day and time that your team would prefer for games


Once a team has been created, captains must invite players to join the roster. FusionIM will display your roster information, including confirmed and pending invitations. After a player has been added, you can also change their role within the team. It is sometimes helpful to have more than one person serve as a co-captain. 

Playoff seeding will be decided by the rankings after regular season games have concluded. Once the total number of teams advancing to the post season tournament has been decided, teams ranked in the lower half will be placed into their first-round spots. The upper half of the seeded teams will participate in an online draft to decide their starting position in the playoff bracket.

Each team should look at the possible game times and opponents when making this selection. The draft date and time will be given to each captain after the regular season has finished. 


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