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  • Camp Dates and Information

    Camp Information

    The following are the dates for Tennessee Tech University's 2020 Cheer and Dance Camps. ALL CAMPS ARE 4-DAY.

    To check availability, or if you have any questions, call our office toll free at 931-372-6212. Cost includes all meals (beginning with dinner on Tuesday and ending with breakfast on Friday morning) insurance, housing, UCA instruction and registration fee.

    TNTEC CH 1
    June 2 - 5
    Cheerleader?Coach $380
    Cheer/Mascot Camp

    June 9 - 12
    Dancer/Coach $380
    Dance Camp

    TNTEC CH 2
    June 16 - 19
    Cheerleader/Coach $380
    Cheer Camp

    TNTEC CH 3
    July 7 - 10
    Cheerleader/Coach $380
    Cheer Camp

    TNTEC CH 4
    July 14 - 17
    Cheerleader/Coach $380
    Cheer Camp

    Follow these links to learn more about UCA

    UCA/UDA Home Page
    UCA/UDA Tips and Techniques

  • Camp Required Forms

    Required Forms

    The forms below are required for registration and for participation while at camp. Please have each parent or legal guardian fill out and sign each form listed below.


    Attach a copy of your primary insurance card to prevent delays in treatment in the event of an illness or accident where a child may need emergency care. Where there is no primary insurance, campers are covered with insurance, included in the cost of camp.

    Adult Release and Waiver (Advisors/Coaches/Chaperones): Coaches, Advisors and Chaperones who will be accompanying the campers.

    Participant Release Form : Parent/Guardian

    LEA ADULT CONSENT 2015 : This form is ALL Coaches, Advisors, Sponsors and Chaperones who will be accompanying the campers. This form must be signed and notarized.

    Checklist For Camp: What is approved and not approved to bring to camp.

  • Camp FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q - What is the Refund Policy?

    Refunds, full or partial, will not be issued for circumstances where the camper has made other commitments during that week and commutes back and forth or stays for two or three sessions and then leaves. Tennessee Tech Cheer and Dance Camp is charged the full amount for food, UCA staff instruction, housing, insurance, etc, whether or not the camper stays the full length of the camp. Therefore, unless the camper, coach or chaperone is injured or has a family or medical emergency, no refund will be issued.

    Any and all refunds will be processed on the Monday following the last camp week of that month and will NOT include the registration fee or the UCA/UDA instruction fee. (Any refunds for June will be processed before our fiscal year end of June 30 and any July refunds will be processed on the last camp day in July). It takes two weeks for the refund to be processed..

    Q - What is the Payment Policy?

    A per person deposit is REQUIRED in order to secure your spot for camp.  The deposit is due by May 1, and is NON REFUNDABLE.  The balance is due two weeks prior to the camp you are attending.  Individual checks will not be accepted.  Please send ONE check from the school or Booster account.  If balance due or payment in full cannot be made within the two week time period, we will be happy to make arrangements for payment.

    Send payment to:

    TTU Cheer and Dance Camp

    1150 McGee Blvd

    PO Box 5017

    Cookeville TN 38505

    Q - How many spaces are available for camps?

    Typically, we can take care of 300 campers in any given week. The first two camp weeks of June fill up very fast so if you are interested in either of those, you need to get your registration to us.  Early registration and deposit is strongly recommended especially since we are now in the new dorm. Space is limited and because of high demand on our camps, it is first-come, first-served. If no deposit is received by the required deadline, we will call to confirm whether a squad is actually coming. If we are unable to contact the coach, we will remove the squad from the list and put another in that spot. We will make every effort to contact by email, phone, regular mail or UCA/Varsity Rep.

    Q - How can I get information about Cheerleading or Dance Camps?

    If you are on a cheerleading squad or dance team, have your cheerleading coach or dance team coordinator call our office, and we will work with him/her on getting your squad to camp! Have them check the website because we try to keep all of our information up to date, so check here first. If you still don't find what you are looking for, have the coach or dance coordinator call the Tennessee Tech Camp office at 931-372-6212. Our friendly staff will do their best to help!

    Q - Can a squad be registered if there have been no tryouts yet?

    Yes, the coach knows how many cheerleaders/dancers he/she will want to have, and all that is required at registration is an anticipated number of participants and what camp they wish to attend. Changes can be made upon completion of tryouts.

    Q - Can I attend without being on a squad?

    Training is oriented toward team building skills and trust among the squads. Learning routines and how to perform them together is essential to squad success. Therefore, we discourage individuals attending camp.

    Q - How many people to a room?

    School Squads are housed on the same floor - two per room. If there is more than one coach, we will do our best to give each coach a room. In the case of an odd number of team members, three per room. Coaches must decide who rooms together.

    Q - Which camp will be the Mascot Camp?

    The first camp week in June is always the Mascot Camp.

    Q - How does housing work? 

    Tennessee Tech Campers will be housed in New Hall North. Availability is first come, first served.  Squads who have paid the deposit or paid in full prior to camp will be given priority.  Special requests for housing will be accommodated to the best of our ability and within the confines of the dorm layout.  The rooms are suites with bathrooms inside the suite and are fully air-conditioned. In most cases campers will be housed two per room. The residence halls will be supervised by Tennessee Tech Staff. Keys will be provided on check in day. There is a $35 fee for lost keys. Refunds will not be issued for found keys after camp has closed.

    Q - Can visitors come visit during camp?

    For security reasons, campers will not be able to bring visitors to the residence halls during the week of camp except during check in on Tuesday and check out on Friday. Parents, family, and friends are invited to attend Opening Ceremony Tuesday afternoon, and Camp Championships on Friday. Campers will not be able to have visitors otherwise during camp.

  • Camp Life

    Camp Life

    Campus Map

    Insurance Information for Camp Participants

    Your camper is covered while attending Tennessee Tech University Cheer and Dance Camps. This coverage is included in the fees paid to enroll for camp. The coverage is PRIMARY with specific terms as follows:

    $2500 Accidental Death
    $2500 Double Dismemberment/Single Dismemberment
    $2500 Blanket Accidental Medical Coverage (no deductible)
    $300 Dental Expense
    $500 Sickness Medical Coverage
    Home-to-Home protection; camper covered in transit to and from camp.
    Benefits are furnished for 1 year from inception.
    Please contact Suzann Hensley at 931-372-6211 for more information.

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