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Spirit Program

The Tennessee Tech Hymn

Words and music by Joan Derryberry

The quiet hills stand steadfast 'round walls of russet brown. On halls serene and campus green the smoky hills look down; And steadfast may I cherish what thou hast giv'n to me. Oh Alma Mater Tennessee Tech, God prosper thee.

Deep purple stand the mountains and golden sets the sun. We proudly wear these colors fair until our goal is won; We pledge thee faithful service, our love and loyalty. Oh Alma Mater Tennessee Tech, God prosper thee.

The Tennessee Tech Fight Song

There they go again today,
What a team,
Yeah, the Eagles!
You'll hear everybody say
"Better get on the ball with the Eagles!"
Make that touchdown play again,
See them running up the score, for
We'll be leading all the way
With our own Tech Golden Eagles!

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