Campus Recreation & Fitness Center

Try Out Information


Tryout Dates:

TTU Fitness Center East Gym

Tryout Attire:
All prospective TTU Cheerleaders must wear gold (bright yellow), purple, white or black attire.
All Girl - Please wear fitted (logo free top) or sports bra and shorts
Coed Tops - Please wear sports bra and shorts (with spandex underneath)
*hair and makeup should be gameday ready with no jewelry*

What to bring:
CURRENT STUDENTS: Bring Copy of 2016 Fall Schedule
Incoming Freshman: Acceptance Letter and/or Unofficial Transcript (*You must be accepted to the University in order to tryout.)
Copy of a current physical (within six months)
Proof of Insurance (copies must be made prior to arrival NO COPIES WILL MADE)
Waiver/Release Form (must be signed in person at registration)
$25 registration fee (check payable to "TTU Varsity Spirit" or cash)

*Anyone who does NOT have any of the above information will NOT be permitted to try out*

*Please note all candidates who make the team will be required to attend summer practices and camp please see calendar of events page for dates*


- Registration Form

- Waiver


4/20 at 3PM
2:30 PM –
check in at TTU Fitness Center
3:00 PM –
Tumbling Warm Up
3:30 PM –
Material to Be Taught
3:45 PM –
Stunt Workshop Time
6:00 PM –
Dismissal with reminders for next day

Squad Tryout Information

Both Squads:

Sideline: Perform a Tech Sideline that will be taught to you. At try outs you will learn 3 with 1 that will be called out during your try out. You will perform this with our 3/3/3 method with tumbling included. Looking for energy, enthusiasm, and your ability to lead a crowd and look confident.

Cheer: You are to make up your own TTU cheer with your stunt group or partner. It must include a stunt and tumbling element.

Fight Song: You will be taught the TTU Fight Song (including words).You will perform fight song with your stunt group or partner including the tumbling and stunting elements.

Coed Squad: The Coed Squad cheers at all home and select away football games, men's and women's basketball games and competes at UCA College Nationals. The team also makes appearances throughout the community. The Coed Squad competes in Coed Division 1at UCA College Nationals.

Coed Female Requirements:

Tumbling - Standing Back Tuck, Round off Back Tuck, elite tumbling pass (roundoff handspring layout and up)

Coed Tops - Toss Hands, Toss Extension, Lib, heal stretch full

Gold Male Requirements:

Tumbling (encouraged but not required)- Standing Back Tuck, round off tuck

Coed - Toss Hands, Toss Extension, Lib

All Girl Squad: The All Girl Squad cheers at all home football games, men's and women's basketball games and also makes appearances throughout the community. The All Girl Squad competes in Open All Girl Game Day at UCA College Nationals.


Tumbling - Standing Back Tuck, Round off Back handspring series (minimum of 2), roundoff tuck

All Girl Stunting - Back, base or top a Heel Stretch Full Down, quick toss extension, full up and shoulder stand

Selection Process

Tryouts will be conducted in the spring over a series of three days. Cuts will be made on day one based on tumbling, a second round of cuts may follow after stunting. The official tryout will consist of a performance of the fight song, sideline, cheer and a formal interview with coaching staff.

Contact Information

Jordan Benedict

Head Coach



TTU Cheerleading
Tennessee Tech Fitness Center
PO Box 5107
Cookeville, TN 38505


All individuals wishing to tryout for the mascot of Tennessee Tech "Awesome Eagle" and or crew (Grandpappy, or a nest keeper) need to report to the Tennessee Tech Fitness Center on TBA. Once you arrive at the Fitness Center you will have a meeting that will give you instructions regarding the tryout schedule. The height requirement for all characters is between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet 5 inches. Each individual will need to bring with them to tryouts the following items:

1. Mascot Tryout packet: the information that needs to be in the tryout packet is the same information that is in the cheerleader tryout packet.
2. A 1 minute family appropriate mascot skit: this skit needs to include a minimum of 3 props and a max of 5 props. Music & signs are optional but strongly suggested. Signs do not count as props. One prop must be used as an improvisational prop (example: broom is used as guitar)
3. Individuals trying out will also be asked to act out an actual scenario that would possibly occur while they are in the mascot suit during a game, appearance, event, etc. You will not know what this scenario will be until you are asked to perform it.

Those individuals making the team will be asked to stay that afternoon for a short meeting after tryouts.