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Welcome to the Office of Research and Economic Development. We are here to help. 

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) serves as a focal point for matters relating to research and similar scholarly activities. In its mission, the ORED helps faculty identify funding opportunities and develop research proposals by providing information on support sources and background information. The ORED staff also reviews and approves proposals before submission to funding agencies, prepares and negotiates contracts, and executes awarded contracts. The ORED, working in conjunction with Grant Accounting, then ensures that awards and contracts are compliant with federal, state, sponsor, and TTU regulations, terms and conditions. To further help faculty reach their research goals, the staff also conducts seminars and workshops on proposal writing and funding sources and assists with intellectual property matters such as patents and copyrights. For more information, download our Research and Sponsored Programs Handbook.


The mission of the Office of Research and Economic Development is to establish and to technically and financially grow a TTU research enterprise with a theme of Create, Re-create, Collaborate, Innovate, incorporating all four pillars of the knowledge economy:

  • Education and Training
  • Information Infrastructure
  • Economic Incentive
  • Innovation Systems


TTU will emerge as a leading university in the Collaborative-Interdisciplinary-Innovative-Creative-Entrepreneur culture in order to drive research and development in engineering toward solving societal and industrial problems that are of critical importance to the workforce and economic development of the region and state of Tennessee.


Bharat Soni, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Derryberry Hall, Room 305

(931) 372-3374

Francis Otuonye, Associate Vice President for Research
Derryberry Hall, Room 128

(931) 372-3374

Amanda Cherry, Financial Analyst
Derryberry Hall, Room 155
(931) 372-3938

(Provides financial support)

Jill Dicey, Administrative Associate 6
Derryberry Hall, Room 305
(931) 372-3897

(Provides general Office of Research support)

Amy Hill, Editor
Southwest Hall, Room 149

(931) 372-3464

(Provides proof-reading/editing and graphics assistance)

Mark Lynam, Senior Coordinator
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-3673

(Provides funding, intellectual property/technology transfer, and proposal submission support)

Jamie Murdock, Grant Development Manager  
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-6587

(Provides proposal planning and proposal development assistance)

Debbie Pennebaker, Financial Associate
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-3901

(Provides bookkeeping support)

Sammie Sparks, Contract Compliance Assistant
Derryberry Hall, Room 155
(931) 372-3202

(Provides compliance, contracting and post-award management support)