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  • NSF has revised the following sets of award terms and conditions:
    1.  NSF Agency Specific Requirements to the Research Terms and Conditions (ASR)
    2.  Cooperative Agreement Financial and Administrative Terms and Conditions (CA-FATC)
    3.  Cooperative Agreement Modifications and Supplemental Financial and Administrative Terms and Conditions for Major Multi-User Research Facility Projects and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
    4.  Grant General Conditions (GC-1)
    5.  Special Terms and Conditions (FL 26) for Administration of NSF Conference or Travel Grants
    6.  Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I Grant General Conditions (SBIR/STTR-I) 
    7.  SBIR/STTR Phase II Cooperative Agreement Financial and Administrative Terms and Conditions (SBIR/STTR-II CA-FATC)

    All of the terms and conditions have been updated to include a new article that establishes a post-award disclosure requirement for undisclosed current support and in-kind contribution information.  Each set of terms and conditions is accompanied by a summary of changes made to that document. 

    The revised terms and conditions will apply to all new NSF awards and funding amendments to existing NSF awards mande on or after October 5, 2020, except for the SBIR/STTR-I and SBIR/STTR-II CA-FATC which became effective July 6, 2020. 

    Questions regarding NSF terms and conditions may be sent to the DIAS Policy Office at

    A few nonsubstantive technical corrections have been made to the Research Terms and Conditions Overlay to 2 CFR § 200.  The updated Overlay does not contain any new requirements or policies that were not already addressed by the previous version that went into effect on November 12, 2020.   These technical corrections were made to maintain consistency throughout the document by including the full citation for the following Uniform Guidance sections:

    § 200.407 Prior written approval; 
    § 200.430 Compensation - personal services;
    § 200.439 Equipment and other capital expenditures; and 
    § 200.447 Insurance and Indemnification. 

    Please visit the Research Terms and Conditions website for full information. 

  • Effective Oct. 13, 2020, the National Park Service has implemented a department-wide financial assistance system transition to GrantSolutions.  Please see the attached email for more information and the changes that will apply to all cooperative agreements and task agreements. 

  • NSF is excited to announce the new INTERN NSF DCL 21-013, which provides funding for non-academic internships to all NSF-supported graduate students, including those supported by the Graduate Research Fellowship Program.  For more information, visit the NSF website.  

  • NSF Issues Updates to the Research Performance Progress Report Effective Oct. 5
    Effective October 5, 2020, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will enhance the Project Reporting System in to implement the revised Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR). The RPPR is a uniform format for reporting performance progress on Federally funded research projects and research-related activities. NSF awardees use the RPPR to prepare and submit annual and final project reports to NSF. Further details about the RPPR can be found on the About Project Reports website.

    Click here for the complete announcement.

  • NSF Recently Released FAQs1.  Proposal preparation and award administration related to the NSF Proposal & Award
         Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 20-1)
    2.  NSF MRI awards

  • The FDP-OMB has issued revisions to 2 CFR § 200.216 and 200.340, effective Aug. 13, 2020.  Further updates will be posted later in relation to the guidelines that were revised effective Nov. 12, 2020.  Please see the Uniform Guidance Revisions document attached here for more information.  

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