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National Science Foundation Meeting April 2015 

Tennessee Tech Visit to NSF

  • In April 2017, several representatives from Tennessee Tech visited the National Science Foundation to get an idea of trending research opportunities and strategies to meet these needs and earn funding in those areas. Below are links to presentations at the event and vita from those who attended from Tennessee Tech.


Engineering Education and Centers Division
Division of Computer and Network Systems
National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) and Cyber Opportunities
Division of Materials Research
Directorate of Engineering
Emerging Frontiers of Research and Innovation
  • Dr. Sohi Rastegar--Senior Advisor (ENG)
Welcome by NSF Chief Operating Officer

Summary Report


 Name Department    Email    Area of Research 
Steven Anton
 ME    Dynamic systems, smart materials, energy harvesting, implantable medical devices, structural health monitoring, vibrations 
Laura Arias Chavez
ChE    Water treatment, sustainable energy, resource recovery from wastes, membrane fabrication 
Joseph Asante
Earth Sciences    Use of hydrochemistry and isotopes to study hydrologic processes and develop models to address water quantity and quality issues 
 Rabie Belkacemi
ECE    Power systems, adaptive and intelligent systems 
 Indranil Bhattacharya
 ECE    High-efficiency solar cells, lithium-ion/air battery storage 
Andrew Callender
CH    UV-vis and vibrational spectroscopy, natural organic matter, nanoparticles in the environment, Raman spectroscopy 
Syed Hasan
ECE    Hardware security, reliable digital VLSI Design 
Adam Holley Vita  PHY    Experimental low-energy fundamental physics with neutrons 
 Mary Kidd Vita PHY    Experimental nuclear physics, rare event searches, low background signal detection, high purity germanium detectors, applications of nuclear physics to environmental research 
Ethan Languri
 ME    Heat transfer fluid enhancement, localized solar heating for steam generation, nanofluids for enhanced energy systems, microencapsulated phase change materials, thermal energy storage systems, porous media flows 
Mohamed Mahmoud
 ECE    Wireless Network Security:  Smart Grid; Delay Tolerant Networks; Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and multihop cellular wireless networks; eHealthcare System; Trust and reputation systems; micropayment systems and cooperation incentive mechanisms
Applied Cryptography
Protocols for public-key encryption, digital signature, and key exchange
Artificial Intelligence Applications:  Natural language processing; machine translation systems
Vahid Motevalli
CoE   Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
 Justin Murdock
BIO    Aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, community ecology, ecosystem function 
Francis Otuonye
VP   Associate VP for Research
Jennifer Pascal
CHE   Modeling electrical field processes for biomedical applications, bioseparations
Mustafa Rajabali
PHY   Nuclear structure/gamma ray spectroscopy/beta decay spectroscopy/environmental essaying/soil and rain water radiation measurements
Jeffrey Rice
ChE   Protein engineering, extracellular matrix, regenerative medicine
Pezhman Shirvanian
ME   Fuel cells (catalyst), solar fuels (photo-catalyst), metal-air batteries (catalyst), high temperature sodium batteries (NaMx)
Matthew Yarnold
CEE   Structural identification and structural health monitoring
Xuanzhi Zhang
CH   Protein dynamics, protein-protein interaction, cell signaling, adaptor protein

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