Francis Otuonye  

Francis Otuonye, Interim Vice President for Research and Economic Development and Associate Vice President for Research
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-3374

 Michael Aikens  

Michael Aikens, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Derryberry Hall
(931) 372-6333

  • Directs the Tennessee Center for Rural Innovation
  • Helps guide economic development activities for the region, state of Tennessee, and the nation
 Amanda Cherry  

Amanda Gallop, Financial Analyst
Derryberry Hall, Room 155

(931) 372-3938

  • Assists with budget development
  • Reviews cost-sharing commitments
  • Provides bookkeeping assistance on funded projects
 Nicole Clark  

Nicole Clark, Contract Compliance Assistant
Derryberry Hall, Room 155

(931) 372-3202

  • Negotiates and executes agreements, contracts, and grants
  • Coordinates training for the compliance of agreements, contracts, and grants
 Jill Dicey  

Jill Dicey, Administrative Associate
Derryberry Hall, Room 305
(931) 372-3897 

  • Provides general administrative Office of Research support
  • Supports the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Supports the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee
  • Supports the Tennessee Tech Research Foundation Board
 Amy Hill  

Amy Hill, Editor
Southwest Hall, Room 149
(931) 372-3464 

  • Provides proofreading/editorial support and temporarily submits proposals
  • Provides graphic support
  • Supports the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
 Mark Lynam  

Mark Lynam, Senior Coordinator
Derryberry Hall, Room 128 

(931) 372-3673 

  • Communicates potential funding opportunities to appropriate faculty
  • Assists with sponsor forms and electronic submission systems
  • Facilitates/initiates the protection of intellectual property and technology transfers
 Jamie Murdock  

Jamie Murdock, Grant Development Manager  
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-6587 

  • Reviews funding program solicitation to identify key issues
  • Provides SPIN Global Suite training
  • Reviews proposal sections relative to evaluation criteria
 Sandy Storie  

Sandra Storie, Financial Associate
Derryberry Hall, Room 128
(931) 372-3901

  • Provides bookkeeping assistance on funded projects
  • Supports University Research Advisory Committee

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