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Center for Healthcare Informatics at Tennessee Technological University – Overview for Website Recently established, the Center for Healthcare Informatics’ mission is to assemble the best academic, public, and private healthcare leaders into a center of excellence in research, development, and program design and implementation in order to:

  • identify the most significant gaps in the knowledge, resources, information, and technologies associated with the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of healthcare,
  • explore the challenges these gaps present in the consumer healthcare arena, and
  • provide innovative solutions that advance the short and long-term healthcare informatics needs of the community, state, and nation.

External relationships will be an important component of CHI’s success. Community relationships will be essential as CHI collaborates with public and private groups to support the identification, promotion, and improvement in the health of the region.

CHI’s Enterprise Data Warehouse integrates many sources of healthcare data such as medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health claims, electronic medical/health records, assessments and surveys, as well as other sources.

CHI has several proprietary analytic tools.


Score Average Risk Trend Score is a predictive modeling methodology used to: Assign members into risk categories, Identify members who will be future high risk, Support care management programs, and Optimize resource allocation. It assigns a unique risk score for every member from 0-100, where 0 is no risk, 50 is average risk, and 100 is high risk.

Actionability IndexTM

Actionability IndexTM Engagement (ability to communicate and treat the member), Impact (ability to affect members conditions), and Readiness to change (willingness of the member to participate in his/her treatment). It is scored from 1 to 100, with 75-100 = High Benefit from Health Advisement, 50-74 = Moderate Benefit from Health Advisement, and 1-49 = Low Benefit from Health Advisement.

CHI’s vision includes:

  • The Tennessee Technological University Center for Healthcare Informatics (CHI) will be a nationally recognized leader in consumer/provider health informatics.
  • CHI will provide a highly selective and sought after healthcare informatics solution, research, and academic program.
  • CHI will be recognized in the public, private, and institutional sectors as solution innovators, business and job creators, and industry thought change leaders.

We look forward to a long and successful future as we work collaboratively with our partners to identify, develop, and implement solutions that prevent or mitigate healthcare problems that ultimately affect the prosperity of our citizens.