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ECD GIS Tech Manual

The GIS Tech Manual was created for the Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) as a tool for the GIS technicians in developing geodatabases for land-use planning.  The Local Planning Assistance Section of the ECD provides professional advice and technical assistance to local government planning programs across Tennessee through individual planning assistance contracts.  Services are delivered from six regional offices located in Chattanooga, Cookeville, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, and Nashville.

Budget Calculator

Center support personnel can assist faculty researchers in preparing budgets for research grant submissions. To assist in this, we created the Budget Calculator, which is a sample form that can be used to prepare that section of proposals. The form must be opened in Microsoft Excel and can be saved to serve as a template for future reference. The form also includes notes describing the budget preparation process.

Chattanooga Creek Watershed: Environmental Testing

This project was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Assistance Identification No. EQ824488-01-0 and EQ984590-98-0) and was led by Martha J.M. Wells. It consists of historical information (from 1973-1992) about water quality testing in the Chattanooga Creek area, and it also includes archived documents from 1997 analytical testing in South Chattanooga.

Pollution in our Communities: Air, Water, Soil and You

This project, which was prepared by Martha J.M. Wells, Cynthia Toon and David J. Crouse for the Chattanooga Creek Watershed Community/University Partnership Project, provides an overview of pollutants and how people can determine their risk from exposure to them. Production of this CD-ROM was funded under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region IV Cooperative Agreement No. X1984279-97-0. The copyright, 1998, is held by Tennessee Technological University.

PPCP Webcast

View the webcast symposium titled "The Virtual International Symposium on Environmental Aspects of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products " by clicking here. The symposium was coordinated by the Center's environmental chemist Martha J.M. Wells; Larry Keith, of Instant Reference Sources, Inc.; and Christian Daughton and Tammy Jones-Lepp, of the National Exposure Research Laboratory of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency office in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was sponsored by the U.S. EPA and held in conjunction with the American Chemical Society's 228th National Meeting.

Watershed Quality Index

The Center developed a watershed quality index (WQI), which is a watershed model that was developed as a tool to conceptually assess environmental and financial costs associated with changes in land- and water-resource practices.