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    | Computer scientistis address cybersecurity workforce issues by improving faculty expertise in cybersecurity.


    | TTU Ph.D. student aims to create simple way to remove contaminants from water

  • Dan Allcott

    | TTU music professor delves into composer’s archives to rediscover lost works

  • Beth Miller

    | Senior Beth Miller applied her research on nutrition to her teammates on the cross-country team.

  • Chinyere Mbachu

    | TTU chemical engineering PHD student works to remove organic contaminants to ensure safe drinking water

  • Faisal Hossain

    | TTU civil engineering professor works to discover impact of dams, water infrastructure on local climate

  • Beth Powell

    | The high attrition rate nationally of women in engineering has long been a concern for educators.

  • Janice Branson

    | TTU agriculture professor teaches students to process home-grown produce safely and avoid contamination.