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Faculty Research Awards (Internal)

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  • 2019-2020


    Track 1
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt.
    Michael Adduci Quantifying Relationships Between Intraoral Pressure and Sound Pressure During Performance of Wind Instruments   Music $3,000
    Greg Danner Recording of Original Compositions for Concert Band   Music $3,000
    Stephanie Kazanas Cognition and Emotion:  When Our Emotional State Affects Word Processing and Memory   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Kathryn Kozak Principals' Perception of the School Counselor's Role   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Emily Lee Bridging the Rural Healthcare Gap with FNP Clinical Preparatory Training   Nursing $3,000

    Track 2
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Mohammad Albakri Elastic Meta-Structures with Localized Stress-Fields for Low-Frequency Bandgaps   Mechanical Engineering $10,000
    Pedro Arce, Co-PI: Andrea Arce-Trigatti Leveraging the Foundry to Develop the Facilitator of Learning for a Holistic-Style STEM Professional   Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Indranil Bhattacharya Investigating Optical Characteristics, Current Matching and Carrier Transport Mechanisms in High-Efficiency Perovskite Multijunction Solar Cells   Elec and Comp Engineering $10,000
    Pingen Chen Developing an Open-Access Control System for Advanced Centralized Control of an Integrated Diesel Engine and Aftertreatment System   Mechanical Engineering $10,000
    Maanak Gupta Secure Cloud Assisted Smart Farming Ecosystem   Computer Science $10,000
    Syed Rafay Hasan Optimizing Dynamic Distribution of Intelligence for Node Level Edge Devices Based Edge Intelligence (ND-EI)   Elec and Comp Engineering  $10,000
    Alfred Kalyanapu Development and Deployment of Rapid Deployable Flood (RDF) Gages for Rural Tennessee   Civil and Enviro Engineering $10,000
    Jennifer Mabry The Effect of Pre-Clinical Preparation on Graduate Nursing Students' Readiness for Practice in the Central Appalachian Region Using Simulation   Nursing $10,000
    Susmit Shannigrahi Integrating Cloud Resources into Genomics Workflows Using Next-Generation Networking   Computer Science $10,000

  • 2018-2019

    Track 1
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Edward Driggers Improving Geology and Engineering Through Historical Case Studies   History $1,433
    Joshua Hauser, Chris McCormick, and Greg Danner Christmas Brass:  New Arrangements of Holiday Music for Brass   Music $3,000
    Matthew Zagumny QUEST-20 Validation Among a Diverse Global Student Population   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
          Total $7,433
    Track 2
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Joseph Asante and Evan Hart Monitoring Water Quality in Karst Systems:  What Does Electrical Conductivity Measurement Mean?   Earth Sciences $10,000
    Indranil Bhattacharya Cobalt Free High-Energy Density and Longer Life Cycle Next Generation Sodium Ion Batteries   Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    Pingen Chen Developing Advanced Non-Uniform Cylinder-to-Cylinder Combustion Strategies for Lean-Burn Gasoline Engine   Mechanical Engineering $10,000
    Janet Isbell and Amber Spears Jere Whitson Freedom School Research   Teacher Education and Curriculum and Instruction $10,000
    Duckbong Kim Multi-Scale and In-Situ Investigation of Microstructure Stability and Transformation of Bimetallic Additively Manufactured Structure   Manufacturing and Engineering Technology $10,000
    Christopher Murray, Carla Hurt, and Tammy Boles Demographic Manifestations of Chronic Endocrine Disruptor Exposure:  Do Environmental Estrogens and Androgens Yield Chryptic Bottleneck?   Biology, Biology and Environmental Studies $10,000
    Venkat Padmanabhan Viscoelastic Behavior of Polyelectrolyte-Grafted Nanoparticle Networks for Membrane Separation:  A Molecular Dynamics Study   Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Robby Sanders and Stephanie Jorgensen Stages Towards Development of a Skin-on-a-Chip Model for Improved Wound Healing   Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Steven Seiler Exploring Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Dependence on TTU Campus and Development of a Collegiate Recovery Program   Sociology and Political Science $8,457
    Indu Upadhyaya Improving Intestinal Health and Productivity in Poultry Using Natural, Plant-Derived Compounds   Agriculture $10,000
    Daniel Vandenberge, Jennifer Meadows, Leslie Suters, and Sally Pardue Collaborative Professional Learning:  Peer-to-Peer Engineering and Education Framework   Civil and Environmental Engineering $10,000
    Christopher (Kit) Wheeler Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function Links in Southern Appalachian Streams:  Quantifying Nutrient Inputs from and Ecosystem Responses to Migratory Suckers in Spawning Tributaries   Biology $10,000
    Jeanette Wolak The Alta Fjord-Head Delta:  A Scandinavian Analog for Martian Deltaic Deposits   Earth Sciences $9,761
    Liqun Zhang Investigating the Antibacterial Activity of Human Beta Defensins by a Comparative Study   Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Jiahong Zhu Nanostructured Bifunctional Composite Catalysts for Rechargeable Metal-Air Battery Application   Mechanical Engineering $10,000

  • 2017-2018

    Track 1
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt.
    Holly Anthony High School Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs and Perceptions of Integrated Mathematics   Curriculum and Instruction $3,000
    Laura Chavez Introduction of Carbon Molecular Sieves into Polymeric Membranes for Enhanced Removal of Small Neutral Molecules from Drinking Water and Wastewater   Chemical Engineering $3,000
    Joshua Hauser Contributions:  Original Compositions and Arrangements for Trombone   Music  $2,995
    Ahmed Kamal Effect of Yoga Practicing on Autonomic Function Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease Patients Using Kernel Method and Entrainment Techniques   Manufacturing and Engineering Technology $3,000
    Stephanie Kazanas Creativity and Cognition:  Investigating the Role of Divergent Thinking in Adaptive Memory    Counseling and Psychology $3,000  
    Mark Loftis The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences, Alexithymia and Suicide Risk in College Students   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Chad Luke Ethical Considerations for Counselors Integrating Neuroscience into Clinical Practice and Training   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Tony Michael State vs. Trait:  The Relationship Between Early Childhood Parental Attachment and Suicide-Related Thoughts and Behaviors in College Students   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Alexander Shibakov Stochastic Learning and Artificial Intelligence   Mathematics $3,000
    Track 2
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Indranil Bhattacharya Improving Energy Density Through Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of Diffusion Mechanisms in Layered Structure Sodium Ion Batteries   Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    David Gallop and Jeremy Blair VRAE Virtual Reality Arts Education   Art $9,998
    Seth King Project VIBE:  Immersive Virtual Instruction in Behavioral Education   Curriculum and Instruction $10,000
    Mohamed Mahmoud Towards Secure and Private-Preserving Intelligent Traffic Management Systems   Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    Keith Morris The Development of Soil Properties in In-Situ Conditions to Develop "Soil Management/Mapping Units" Using High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Data Sets   Agriculture $9,922
    Leslie Suters Developing Math and Science Computational Thinking Practices for Teaching at the Elementary, K-5 Level   Curriculum and Instruction $10,000
    Yunbo Zhang Investigation of Multi-directional Additive Manufacturing Process and Design Method   Mechanical Engineering $10,000

  • 2016-2017

    Track 1

    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Allen Driggers Boundary Stones:  Communities of Medico-Chemistry and the Atlantic   History $2,971
    Mark Loftis Alexithymia and Suicide Risk in Nonclinical Populations   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Tony Michael The Adult Scale of Parental Attachment:  Item Selection, Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Julie Stepp The Impact of Full-Time Libraries on Student Achievement in K-12 Schools in Tennessee   Curriculum and Instruction $3,000

     Track 2

    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Indranil Bhattacharya Development and Modeling of High-Energy-Density Solid State Lithium Sulfur Battery   Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    Syed Hasan Towards Run-Time Hardware Trojan Detection Using Circuit Behavior Profiling:  Leveraging Game Theory and Formal Verification   Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    Xiaohua Jiang Studying the Mechanism of Thiosemicarbazone Inhibiting Topoisomerase II   Chemistry $10,000
    Ethan Languri/Wayne Johnson Innovative Diamond Nanofluid for Enhanced Electronics Thermal Management   Mechanical Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering $10,000
    Brian Lecke Characterization of Southern Appalachian Heirloom Green Bean   Agriculture $10,000
    Jennifer Pascal Optimizing Dielectrophoretic Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood   Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Donald Walker Spatial and Temporal Changes of Fish Communities, the Fish Microbiome and Fungal Pathogenicity Under Conditions of Increased Human Water Use    Biology $9,987
    Xuanzhi Zhan The Self-Activation Mechanisms of Apoptosis Signal-Regulating Kinase I   Chemistry $10,000

  • 2015-2016

    Track 1
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Kim Wonkak Artist Recital at the 2015 International Clarinet Fest in Madrid, Spain:  World Premiere Performance of Works by American Composers   Music $3,000
    Terezie Tolar Mosby Development of Tool to Teach Low Literacy Caregivers about Nutrition   School of Human Ecology $2,961
    Matthew Zagumny Psychometric Analysis of the Modified Religious Identity Ondex (RII-5):  A Theoretical Examination of Religious Extremism   Counseling and Psychology $3,000
    Martin Sheeham New Visions:  Photographic Representation, Perception and Reception in the German Teacher   Foreign Languages $3,000
    Kristen Deiter John Milton and the Tower of London   English $3,000
    Michael Phillips/Jason Beach/Michael Cathey Examining the Reliability and Validity of the Hexoskin Wearable Body Metrics Shirt   Exercise Science/Physical Ed Wellness/Curriculum and Instruction $2,276
    Colleen Hays Negotiating "Racial" Differences or Reinforcing Stereotypes?:  French-North African Relationships in "Il reste du jambon" and "Mohamed Dubois"   Foreign Languages $2,250
    Track 3
    Author(s) Title   Dept.  Amt. 
    Justin Murdock/Andrew Calendar Development of a Rapid Spectroscopic Screening Process for Assessing Algal Response to Environmental Change   Biology/Chemistry $10,000
    Joshuah Perkin Multidisciplinary and Ecosystem-Level Evaluation of Aquatic Biodiversity Response to Future Water Shortages in Southeastern U.S. Streams   Biology $9,997
    Cynthia Rice/Jeffrey Rice/Jennifer Pascal Electrochemical Biosensors for Detection of Glycosylated Proteins for Early Cancer Diagnosis   Center for Manufacturing Research/Chemical Engineering $10,000
    Alireza Pezhman Shirvanian Development of Guidelines for Optimal Design of Photo Catalytic Materials for Solar Hydrogen Production   Mechanical Engineering $10,000
    Steven Anton Integrated Sensing and Energy Harvesting in Total Knee Replacement Implants   Mechanical Engineering $10,000
    Tania Datta An Investigation of Simultaneous Biological Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal at Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Facilities   Water Center/Civil and Environmental Engineering $10,000
    Marissa Hartwig Predicting Class Attendance and Performance:  Students' Expectations and Characteristics   Counseling and Psychology $7,900
    Stephanie Richards/Kristen Trent Anti-Bullying Campaign Using Exemplary Texts   Curriculum and Instruction $5,615

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