Research & Economic Development

Research Compliance

Basic Compliance Information

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Compliance Committees and Federal Compliance Guidelines

Animal Subjects in Research

The use of laboratory animals in research and/or instruction.

Environmental Health and Safety

In the event of an emergency, preparation is your greatest tool. Visit environmental health and safety for more information.

Conflict of Interest

Individuals should be aware of potential conflicts if they participate in employment and consulting activities outside their duties with TTU.

Export Controls

Deemed exports are transfers of controlled technology to foreign persons, usually in the U.S., and require specific guidelines to be followed.

Human Subjects

The use of human subjects in any experimental environment, whether it be research or other scholarly activities must be reviewed.

Intellectual Property

TTU persons who conceive an idea or discover a process that could lead to the development of a patent or the production of copyrightable materials.

Responsible Conduct of Research

TTU has made available an on-line training on responsible conduct of research.

Whistleblower Protection in Research

Policy establishes process and procedures for reporting violations and whistleblowing.