Research & Economic Development

Policies and Award Management Regulations and Procedures

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Research and Sponsored Programs Handbook has been archived for reference purposes. The overall structure contained within the handbook is accurate, but specific links, rates and information may not be up-to-date.  Please use our active website pages as the source for the latest information.

Federal Regulations and TTU Policies and Procedures

Office of Research Policies  

730: Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

732: Intellectual Property (This policy is under review.) Historic policy is available at PolicyTech.       

735: Conflict of Interest in Research

740: Animal Care and Use

750: Responsible Conduct of Research

760: Export Controls

770: Whistleblower Protection in Research

780: Misconduct in Research (Flowchart for Alleged Research Misconduct)

Research Compliance Policy