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Poster Evaluation Form: Research Project

Please enter the following information:

For the four items related to Appearance and Organization, please provide a score between 0 and 3:

0 = strongly disagree; 1 = disagree; 2 = agree; 3 = strongly agree

1. The figures, tables, and diagrams are clear and legible and add to the effectiveness of the poster’s message.
2. Design is cohesive and color scheme is not distracting.
3. Format is consistent with no spelling or grammatical errors.
4. Poster appears well-organized and information flows naturally from the introduction through the conclusion.

For the seven items related to Content, please provide a score between 0 and 5:

0 = strongly disagree; 1 = disagree; 2 = somewhat disagree; 3 = neither agree nor disagree; 4 = agree; 5 = strongly agree

1. Intro/Significance/Need/Research Question: Sufficient background information is provided to establish the significance of the problem being addressed
2. Methods: Methods are sufficiently detailed to allow an understanding of the materials, instruments and procedures used.
3. Results: Results address the research question and are presented in a clear and meaningful fashion (appropriate use of figures, tables, and descriptive text).
4. Discussion: The significance of the findings is discussed.
5. Conclusions/Recommendations: Appropriate conclusions are drawn and recommendations for follow-on or future work provided.
6. References: References are provided and properly cited.
7. Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements of support from outside agencies and/or others who contributed to the project are provided.