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What to Bring?

For COVID-19 Housing plan, please visit our FAQ Page.

Please find below a list of things that you may consider bringing to campus as well as a list of useful information:

  • Things to Bring

    • Towels and washcloths*
    • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)*
    • Basic health items (Tylenol, band-aids, etc.)*
    • Clock (radio)*
    • Laundry basket
    • Laundry detergent/softener
    • Mattress pad for mattress
    • Iron
    • Personal Computer
    • Power strip/surge protector (all electrical appliances must be UL approved.)
    • Carpet**
    • Stereo**
    • DVD Player**
    • Television and a cable cord to plug into the cable outlet**
    • Microwave less than 1,000 watts**
    • Refrigerator 4.4 cubic feet or smaller (mini fridge) **


    *Indicates essential items you may consider bringing with you if possible, other items may be picked up at the store after you arrive on campus.
    **You may only want to bring one of these items to share with your roommate.

  • Things Not to Bring

    • No wireless routers, hubs, network printers, or anything that extends the network
    • Large refrigerator
    • Alcohol/Drugs
    • Tobacco products (Tennessee Tech is a tobacco free and smoke free campus)
    • Fireworks/fire crackers
    • Firearms/weapons of any type
    • Open coiled appliances
    • Candles/incense
    • Pets (other than fish in 20 gal aquarium)
    • Halogen Lamps

  • Room Considerations

    All rooms have:

    • Internet or wireless access, telephone with local phone service and voice mail (optional) and cable television
    • Students in Jobe/Murphy, MS Cooper/Pinkerton, Crawford, Maddux/McCord, Browning/Evins, Cooper/Dunn, and Ellington/Warf Halls will only be able to connect to the Internet by wireless access via your laptop or desktop computer.
    • Basic room furniture – bed, desk, chair, dresser, trash can and closet
    • NOTE:  All beds on campus can be raised and/or are “loftable” to a certain height.  Only beds in New Hall South are “bunkable.”

    Additional items to consider:

  • Bedding Considerations

    Housing Assignment Sheets Needed
    Browning, Cooper, Crawford, Dunn, Evins, Ellington, Jobe, Maddux, McCord, MS Cooper, Murphy*, Pinkerton, or Warf Regular size twin bed sheets (Including Murphy regular singles)
    *Murphy super singles need full size sheets (double sized bed)
    New Hall South Extra long twin bed sheets (aka XL)
    New Hall North Single Room Assignment: Full size sheets (double size bed)
    Double Room Assignment: Extra long twin bed sheets (aka XL)

  • Meningitis

    All new incoming students who are under 22 years of age and are living in on-campus housing are required to produce proof of adequate immunization against meningococcal disease (meningitis) before moving into the room or apartment.  More information and procedures can be found on the Health Service website:

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