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Welcome to the Tennessee Technological University SACSCOC Reaffirmation site. We welcome the opportunity that the reaccreditation process offers to demonstrate our commitment to develop and to graduate students who are hard-working, critical thinkers prepared for a global environment.

Since our fifth-year interim report, the university has made a major change in the way we plan strategically. In 2012, TTU launched into a process we call “Flight Plan: Focused for the Future.” It began with a peer selection process and gap analysis to gauge how we compare at state and national levels. Equipped with data, we developed initiatives, action plans and measurements. We also established new approaches to accountability and funding.

Although Flight Plan shares some common themes with our previous strategic plan, the new process is clearly a new, more responsive process. The previous plan featured check boxes, goals and completion dates. Flight Plan offers actions, continuous measurement and flexibility. I believe the feedback and continuous improvement offered through Flight Plan match the true spirit of the accreditation process.

As we prepare for our reaffirmation, I thank each person who is dedicating time and skill to the process. Most of all, I thank each faculty member, staff member and student who demonstrates the daily commitment and energy that fuels our success and pushes this university forward.


Philip B. Oldham