Institutional Effectiveness


2019 Summer Training Presentation


2019 Summer Updates

1. SACSCOC 5th year Interim Report 2021 by off-site and on-site SACSCOC teams (CR 8.2 Academic Effectiveness: Educational Programs)
2. TTU IE Assessment Review Committee will review all IE reports with a specialized rubric to ensure all units are in compliance 
3.  Add a ‘+ Plan Item’ and include the ‘Academic Curriculum Map’
4.  Threshold of Acceptability 
5. Add a ‘+ Plan Item’ and select the ‘Modifications and Continuing Improvement to Goals/Objectives/Outcomes’ form
6. SWOT Analysis
7. Add an action that aligns the unit with the new Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan

The matrix below provides quick access to educational programs
Audit Matrix

Resources for Campus Labs
Campus Labs Login
Guide for Entering and Editing IE Planning Information
Committee Review Rubric

Academic Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

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