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Environmental Health & Safety

Inclement Weather Policy

All Tennessee Technological University offices will remain in operation during inclement weather to ensure continuity of services and to meet the needs of our students. In extreme weather conditions, classes and exams on campus and at off-campus locations may be rescheduled or cancelled while the university is open.

Faculty, administrators and staff of Tennessee Tech are expected to make every reasonable effort to be at their work assignment on time, taking into consideration the personal risk involved. Administrators or staff employees who anticipate arriving late, or not arriving at work at all, should notify their immediate supervisor of this fact as soon as possible and request annual leave for the period of absence. If faculty members must be absent from assigned classes due to inclement weather, it is their responsibility to notify the appropriate chairperson and/or dean.

Off-Campus Classes

28.1.2 The decision to cancel off-campus classes will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs in close consultation with the Vice President of Extended Programs and Regional Development and the coordinators of the off-campus centers. The information will then be disseminated by the coordinators as quickly as possible by whatever means are available in the vicinity of the affected center.

For Employees / Working Hours

At times it may be necessary for the President to declare specific hours as emergency closing as the result of inclement weather or other emergency situations. In such cases, regular full-time and part-time employees on the active payroll who are scheduled to work during the declared times of closing will be granted time off from work with pay. Employees who are not scheduled to work will not be paid for the emergency closing. Clerical and support personnel required to work to keep essential services functioning will receive extra compensation. Administrative personnel required to work will receive equal time off for hours worked.

Academic Work

If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, missed classes should be made up in a manner chosen by the individual faculty member involved. Assignment deadlines may not be altered; it’s important to contact your instructor to determine if any changes will be made to course deadlines due to weather cancellations. If classes are not cancelled despite inclement weather, students are responsible for any academic work they miss as a result of inclement weather. It is the individual student's responsibility to take the initiative in making up any missed work, including but not limited to examinations, presentations and projects, and it is the faculty member's responsibility to provide the student with a reasonable opportunity to make up missed work, including but not limited to examinations, presentations and projects.

Delays & Early Closings

The President of the University may choose a delayed opening or early closing.

In the event of the delayed opening, all faculty and staff are expected to report to their specific work location by the set opening time. Students are expected to report to regularly scheduled class only if there are 30 or more minutes remaining in the session. (Ex.: If the delayed opening is set for 10 a.m., students who have classes from 9:30 to 10:50 should report to that class at 10 a.m.). All classes scheduled prior to the delayed opening time and those that have less than 30 minutes remaining after the set opening time are cancelled for the day.

When time is announced for an early closing, it applies to all classes that begin on or after that hour. Ex. "Classes cancelled at 3 p.m." means all classes starting at 3 p.m. or later are cancelled. Classes that started before 3 p.m. will meet.

Procedures for Canceling Classes

In those instances when weather conditions require a decision by the President of the University to authorize canceling classes, delaying the start of classes or suspending selected activities, the following procedures will be in effect:

28.2.1 The Director of Facilities and Business Services and Director of Safety and Environmental Services will monitor official weather reports, contact appropriate state, county and local Public Safety Officials and check local roads for hazardous driving conditions. They will review campus roads, walkways and parking lot conditions. The Director of Facilities and Business Services will advise the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs of the findings. After receiving this information, the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs will inform the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will consult with the other vice presidents and recommend to the President whether the University should cancel classes or declare an emergency closing. If the Vice President for Business and Fiscal Affairs is unavailable, the Director of Facilities and Business Services and Director of Safety and Environmental Services will contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Once the decision is made to cancel classes or close offices and facilities or buildings on campus or at extended education sites, the President or Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify:

  • Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing (or representative of that office)
  • TTU Police
  • University Vice Presidents (Each University Vice President will be responsible for notifying the appropriate personnel in the division).

The Office of Communications & Marketing will prepare an official statement and notify the campus community and public through the following ways:

  • University website homepage
  • Broadcast e-mail to students, faculty and staff
  • Text alert (written by OCM, distributed by University Police)
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Switchboard operator
  • Local media (including Channel 7)
  • Metro Nashville network TV stations and select radio stations
  • Upper Cumberland Radio
  • Campus media (Oracle/WTTU)
  • Metro Knoxville network TV stations and select radio stations

Many media outlets require private passwords or codes for weather notifications. These codes will be kept confidential and maintained annually by the Office of Communications & Marketing. Access to a listing of codes will be limited to designated OCM staff members and the Vice President for University Advancement.

No notice will be sent to media if the University continues to operate on a normal schedule. (The University homepage and social media may be used to communicate to students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators that a normal schedule will be followed).


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