F18-001 Resolution Passed 35-0-0 A Resolution to Establish an Online Link to Check Meal Plan Amounts
F18-002 Bill Passed 33-0-1 An Act to Install Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers
F18-003 Bill Passed 39-0-4 An Act to Forgive Parking Citations and Improve the Community
F18-004 Bill Passed 20-14-9 An Act to Create an Intercollegiate Affairs Committee
F18-005 Bill Passed 35-0-0 An Act to Add Braille to Cafeteria Drink Stations
F18-006 Bill Passed 37-0-0 An Act to Increase Pedestrian Safety on North Dixie Avenue
F18-007 Bill Passed 32-1-1 An Act to Establish a Panel Interview Process for Selective Programs and Courses
F18-008 Bill Passed 34-0-0 An Act to Initiate a Semiannual Campus Cleanup Day
F18-010 Bill Passed 34-0-1 An Act to Add Hand Sanitizers to Bryan Fine Arts Building
F18-013 Bill Passed 35-0-0 An Act to Improve Bicycle Stands on Campus
F18-014 Bill Passed 35-0-0 An Act to Increase Student Representation on Academic Misconduct Committees
F18-015 Bill Passed 32-0-1 An Act to Change the Tax Refunding Information in the SOLO Application
F18-016 Bill Passed 33-0-0 An Act to Create Transparency Between Senate and Constituents
F18-017 Bill Passed 34-0-0 An Act to Place Pet Sanitation Bags in Tech Village
F18-018 Bill Passed 34-0-0 An Act to Increase Club and Organization Recognition
F18-019 Bill Passed 31-0-0 An Act to Clarify and Digitalize the SOLO Application

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