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SGA President's Update

2022-2023 Exec Team: JD Rankin (Treasurer), Addison Dorris (President), Jacob Cherry (Vice President), & Savannah Griffin (Secretary)
Members of SGA at the Student Wellness Fair
SGA Members with Congressmen John Rose
Members of SGA with Ludacris, SOLO Artist
Members of of SGA at the SGA Workshop
Members of SGA working the SOLO Concert
SGA Members at Tabling Event
Members of SGA with Bryce Vine, SOLO Artist
Aaron Lay, speaking at the Tech Strong: Day of Service event
Home is Where the Vote is! SGA Tabling Event
Alexis Harvey, distributing t-shirts at the Mental Health Matters Awareness Giveaway
Rachel Baker with TN State Senator, Paul Bailey
PPE Distribution SGA Tabling Event
SGA Members at Campus Clean Up Day
SGA Members at the Mental Health Matters Awareness Giveaway

With the posting of final grades, we have officially survived Fall 2020 - a semester like no other. Although things looked extremely different than usual, the Student Government Association still found ways to express student opinion, fund student organizations, provide major events and activities, and lead with courage and resiliency. I have highlighted some of the work that has been done below:

>>> Fourteen pieces of legislation
Fourteen pieces of legislation were authored with the best interest of students in mind. Ten of those passed through the Senate and have been approved and signed by both myself and Dean Williams. Dean Williams and I will work diligently to ensure these are reviewed by the appropriate member of administration and will implement our internal changes over the break.

>>> Twenty-Seven Standing & Nine Academic Misconduct Committees
SGA members served on all twenty-seven University Standing Committees and nine Academic Misconduct committees, ensuring that students had representation at all levels of University decisions.

>>> Ten Virtual S.O.L.O Events
SGA was still able to provide exciting student activities for students. We utilized the S.O.L.O Fund to host a total of ten virtual shows during the Fall 2020 Semester. We have already started to book shows for next semester! On top of the virtual shows, we were also able to host Live on the Plaza and virtual game shows!

>>> Over One-Hundred Hours of Tabling 
One of the major goals my executive team prioritized when we were elected was transparency and accessibility with the student body. SGA senators were out on the Plaza or inside the UC lobby two days a week every week this semester, totaling over one-hundred hours of face-to-face time with our constituents. We were able to push our initiatives heavily. The first initiative was Home is Where the Vote Is!, where students were assisted with registering and encouraged to vote. The second initiative was Mental Health Matters, which will continue throughout next semester. We also worked to hand out PPE to students, administer the Mr. and Miss Tennessee Tech elections, and were easily accessible to receive student questions, comments, and concerns. 

>>> Five Guest Speakers
We were excited to welcome five guest speakers to our SGA Senate meetings, including two state senators, Senator Gillmore and Senator Bailey; Putnam County Mayor, Randy Porter; Dr. Chester Goad and Mr. Ed Beason with the Accessible Education Center; and Ms. Delayne Miller from the Office of Sustainability. These speakers gave the SGA Senate valuable advice and perspective. 

>>> Countless Traffic Appeals and Fine Reductions
The Student Government Association Supreme Court met bi-weekly to review countless traffic appeals. The court worked hard to dismiss and reduce fines on many parking violations for students.

I am extremely proud of the level of productivity SGA expressed throughout this semester. I am looking forward to working with each one of you as we head into a new year! I hope your break is restful and rewarding; you deserve it. Please do not hesitate to reach out during the break. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!   

Stay Healthy, Wings Up! 

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Aaron Lay
Student Body President

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