Dakota Langdon

Student Spotlight

Dakota Langdon ’19 is a basic business major with a concentration in general management. Putting his resources as a Cookeville native to use, he started his own business, Upcycled Re-Creations, with an all-local mentality.

Langdon said he decided to start Upcycled Re-Creations because, “I like to do wood work and noticed that I was naturally good at it. What started out as my mother making a simple request for a piece in our house turned into not only something enjoyable but also profitable.”

Upcycled Re-Creations has been in business now for two years. A business that started out by word-of-mouth has increased tremendously. To spread his business now, Langdon uses social media such as Facebook, Instagram or the local Cookeville sale pages to sell and take requests for pieces his business makes.

One of the main items that Langdon’s business specializes in is making benches. He crafts them from old headboards and wooden pallets that were once scraps and were no longer being used.

“By making small connections in my community, I can help not only my community, by limiting waste, but also the people that make up my community,” said Langdon.

In making these connections, he receives most of the materials for his pieces for free by using resources such as Habitat for Humanity, local hardware stores, lumberyards and factories.

Langdon strives to live a more all around eco-friendly lifestyle in both his business and personal life. In his spare time, he raises chickens and rabbits on the four-acre plot of land behind his house.

His latest project, aside from creating new pieces for his business, is to help out the “little free pantry” located in Sparta, Tennessee. He hopes to use his woodworking skills to make a few of the pantries and find local places that will allow him to set them up there, so that people in need can get food when they please.

Currently, Langdon works part-time for a local property management company in Cookeville. In the future, he hopes to extend the knowledge gained from his work experience and school by running a construction management company that flips and rehabs houses.