Dylan McCool

Student Spotlight

Dylan McCool, marketing ’18, always loved being in the garage working on cars with his dad as a kid. It is something he still does today, only now, he has 20,000 other people in the garage with him, watching his automotive work through his YouTube channel.

“I love cars and was always around them as a kid, but until I was old enough to work on them, I worked on my bicycles,” McCool said.

McCool, who came to Tennessee Tech from Lincoln County, Tenn., works at the campus Fitness Center through a scholarship program and does maintenance and repairs to the bicycles in the BikeShare program.

BikeShare allows the campus community to checkout bicycles and helmets for use on campus. Whenever a bike needs a tire change or chain adjustment, McCool makes sure the work is taken care of.

“The bikes are actually pretty widely used on campus,” he said. “No one wants to ride a bike to class with a flat tire.”

McCool recently made a video to promote BikeShare’s new bike repair stations, located at New Hall North and Capitol Quad. Video production is an interest of his as well. That’s where YouTube and his marketing major come in.

McCool’s YouTube channel has more than 20,000 subscribers who tune in to view his videos. Most of them are about cars, projects he is working on or things related to automotive parts or repairs suggested by his audience.

“I have always liked video stuff and wanted a YouTube channel since I was young,” he said. “I really enjoy the way it allows me to connect with people through a common interest.”

Recently, he has done some live streaming sessions as well, connecting and communicating directly with his viewers. He has four “project cars” plus the car he drives each day, so he has plenty of “car talk” material, he says. His dad is still in the garage with him too, with his mom standing close by as his biggest cheerleader.

“I am really happy here at Tech,” he said. “I have always had good friends and people to work with. The College of Business is great too. I have never lost interest in my marketing major.

“I really feel like I have found my place here.”