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General Curriculum 2018-19

General Curriculum

General Curriculum (GECU) serves students in transition to their major field of study who have completed less than 60 semester hours. Our goal is to help students make an educated decision what major will help them achieve their career goals. Our advisors are available to students for personal advising and guidance, assistance in career exploration, as well as connecting students to resources available to help them succeed.


General Engineering and General Computer Science

General Engineering and General Computer Science are programs housed in the Student Success Center for students planning to major in Engineering or Computer Science. Students will be admitted into the GECU major with one of the following concentrations:

  • GEBE - General Basic Engineering
  • GECE - General Civil Engineering
  • GEME- General Mechanical Engineering
  • GEEE - General Electrical Engineering
  • GCMP- General Computer Engineering
  • GEET - General Engineering Technology
  • GCHE - General Chemical Engineering
  • GCSC - General Computer Science

General Engineering and General Computer Science are non-degree-granting programs, meaning students will declare a degree-seeking Engineering or Computer Science major once they have met the eligibility requirements for admission into that program. During your time with the Student Success Center, your academic advisor will help you choose courses that allow you to succeed academically and to progress toward your intended major. 


General Health Studies

General Health Studies (GHS) is a major in the Student Success Center. Students will be admitted into the GHS major with a concentration in one of the following:


General Health Studies is a non-degree granting program, meaning students will apply to a nursing or professional school or declare a major and finish a degree in their chosen field with a new advisor.


General Pre-Law

General Pre-Law (GEPL) is for students interested in entering Law School after graduation. The Student Success Center offers a General Pre-Law program that provides guidance in selecting a major best suited for the student and his or her particular area of interest. Since there is no recommended major for entrance into law schools, students should focus on developing proficiency in writing and speaking, reading, researching, analyzing, and thinking logically. These are the kind of skills that can be acquired with any bachelor's degree offered at this university.

Tennessee Technological University offers many activities specifically designed for students interested in the study or practice of law. First, the Pre-Law Club keeps members in touch with law schools, legal issues, and the culture of the legal profession. The members participate in a MOOT Court competition at the state level and are eligible to enroll in a Mock Trial Course. Practice LSATs are available through the club.

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