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Student Success Center 

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center advises freshmen and sophomore students for the individual departments of the College. 

Departments whose freshmen are advised in our Center are Geosciences and Math.  Departments whose freshmen and sophomore students are advised in the Center are Biology/Wildlife Fisheries, English, History,  and International Business and Culture.   Political Science and  Sociology students are advised through graduation.  Additionally, students in General Curriculum, General Pre-law, General Health Studies, and Special Non-degree are advised in the Center.

Advising students  allows them a place to go for help during their critical freshmen year.  The Student Success Center staff strives to help students have a successful beginning to their career here at Tennessee Tech.

Our Goal

The primary goal of the Arts & Sciences Student Success Center is to ensure your academic achievement.  This starts with a quality advisement program.  The Student Success Center however, is not concerned solely with course advisement of students.  The Center also assists in choosing a major best suited to your individual needs and talents, as well as steering you toward a career you will find both challenging and rewarding.  The Center strives to provide you with the necessary tools and services that will help you to succeed in the classroom and beyond.



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