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FAQs: Advisement

Last updated on Oct. 16, 2020.

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  • How will I be advised if I am a newly admitted student?

    Incoming students will be advised at a later date. New Student & Family Programs will contact you regarding new student orientation and the next steps to enroll. If you have questions, please visit for program details and updates. 

  • How can I meet with an academic advisor?

    Check your student email first to see if you have a message from your advisor regarding scheduling an advisement appointment or other advisement information.

    If you need to schedule an advisement appointment, you may schedule online through TechConnect (, respond to your advisor’s TechConnect appointment campaign, message your advisor using TechConnect (locate them on your Student dashboard under the "Your Success Team" section and click on the message icon for your advisor), or contact the advisor using your Tech student email account.

  • What if I contacted my advisor and did not receive a response?

    Please allow your advisor 72 hours to respond to your message. If you do not receive a response by that time.

    • Students who are advised by a professional advisor should contact their college's Student Success Center for advising assistance.
    • Students who are advised by a faculty member should contact their academic department's chair for advising assistance.

    If you still need additional assistance, please email

  • How will my registration be affected?

    For Current Students...

    Registration is still scheduled to begin on Monday, November 9 for Spring 2021.

    Course registration is conducted via Eagle Online. If you have not been advised, see the "How can I meet with an academic advisor?" question above for assistance.

    After advisement, your advisor will provide you with your registration pin and registration date/time.  When registration opens, you will login to Eagle Online at your scheduled time and register for classes as usual (refer to for additional guidance).

    If you experience any issues or need assistance in troubleshooting, send an email to for assistance.

  • I have been advised but forgot when I am supposed to register for classes.

    After you have been advised and received your Alt Pin for registration, you can see when your registration date and time by using Eagle Online.

    To do so, please use the following steps below:

    1. Login to TechExpress (
    2. Locate Eagle Online via Quick Links and then click to login.
    3. Once in Eagle Online, go to the “Student” tab.
    4. Then click on “Registration”.
    5. Next, click on “View Registration Times, Advisor, Campus Box, Confirmation Information”.
      • On this screen, you will be able to see your registration date and time and for which term(s) it applies to, along with your assigned advisor, and campus box number.

  • What if I need to change my scheduled advisement meeting time?

    Login to TechConnect, cancel your appointment, and schedule a new time. If you made the appointment with your academic advisor directly, please reach out to them using your Tech student email account to discuss an alternative advisement time and method.

  • If I’m on campus or live locally, can I still meet with an advisor in-person?

    Yes. Students who wear masks and observe social distancing can meet with their advisor in person. Be advised that certain advisors may need to meet virtually. That information will be shared prior to your appointment.

  • How do I turn in a form for either records, registration or graduation at this time?

    Records, Registration, and Graduation forms are available online here -

    These forms and any required documents:

    Most all forms are fillable and can be completed by the student, then taken as a screenshot which then can be emailed from the student to all necessary parties (i.e. the add/drop form which must be signed by the advisor) and processed from there.

    Additionally, when other documents are required (such as the marriage certificate for a name change request), you can take a picture of those documents on your smartphone, and email those to us as well at either of the aforementioned email addresses. As long as we have the student email initiating the request, we can use that in place of the student’s physical signature.

    Other processes, such as late graduation applications, substitutions, change of majors, etc. are initiated by your advisor. If you need one of these options, please email your advisor so they can initiate the process as well as initiate any contact with other campus members involved in those processes.

    If you have any issues with Records, Registration, or Graduation forms, face technical obstacles, or are otherwise unsure, please email us ( and let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we can simplify the process for you as easily as possible via email/online interaction.

  • I don’t have access to a computer – how do I set up an academic advising appointment?

    There are several campus-based computer labs which are available for student use. Lab and access information is available here -

    You may also contact the Student Success Center (full list here - in your college for advising assistance or email

  • I have a computer but don’t have internet access - how do I set up an academic advising appointment?


    Tennessee Tech's campus offers high-speed Wi-Fi internet to enrolled students. There are numerous hotspots and Wi-Fi zones (indoor and outdoor) across campus for students to connect to "EagleNet" and the internet.

    For information and steps on connecting to campus Wi-Fi services, visit


  • How will a phone appointment work with an advisor?

    When you schedule your phone appointment, your advisor should provide you the Zoom dial-in phone number or their office number for you to call at your scheduled time.

    Note: It is possible that the advisor will have another appointment scheduled ahead of you, so if they are running a few minutes behind, you may need to wait.

    Advisors will be able to address your questions over the phone as they would in-person or via video/virtual meeting.  Any document sharing will be handled via email or TechConnect Notes following the phone appointment.

  • How will a video/virtual appointment work with an advisor?


    Depending on your advisor, they may use either Microsoft Teams or ZOOM to setup and connect with you virtually. When you schedule your appointment within TechConnect, you may be given your advisor’s Zoom meeting link or phone number. The link along with any additional instructions for your appointment is located in the “Additional Details” section of the appointment confirmation page within TechConnect.

    Zoom Resources and one minute video introductions are available at Advisors will be able to address your questions over Zoom as they would in-person.