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EEC Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is EEC?
A: Explorations in Engineering and Computing (EEC) is a week-long summer residential program for rising twelfth grade students. Our mission is to provide students who show an interest in engineering studies an early exposure to and preparation for scientific study and research. Hands-on activities will spark an interest in the world of engineering and computing and allow students to explore career opportunities. Throughout the program, participants will be challenged to apply what they have learned in engineering and computing competitions.

Q: Who will lead the sessions?
A: The sessions are led by faculty and graduate students from the Tennessee Tech College of Engineering. Camp counselors will assist with program activities and supervision of participants.

Q: What other activities will students be involved in?
A: Participants will learn about majors in the Tennessee Tech college of engineering, tour engineering labs and facilities, take part in college life preparation seminars, cultivate new friendships, attend engineering lectures and participate in engineering lab experiments.

Q: Who may apply?
A: All rising twelfth grade students who have an interest in science, math, engineering or technology are encouraged to apply.

Q: What is the cost?
A: There is no cost to the student to attend. Students selected to participate in the EEC program will receive a full scholarship, which covers the cost of program fees, housing, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and supplies.

Q: May campers drive their automobiles to camp?
Yes. Campers may drive to the Tennessee Tech campus, but may not drive vehicles at any time for the duration of camp. Campers will be given a designated parking area along with a parking permit to be displayed in the front windshield of the vehicle at all times. Vehicle keys will be held by camp administration until the conclusion of camp.
Q: How do campers get to camp if they don't drive?
A: A parent/guardian must provide round trip transportation.

Q: What are the requirements to apply?
A: Students must have an interest in science, technology, engineering or math with good scores in math and science and a completed application which includes a math/science reference form attached.

Q: When is the deadline?
A: The application must be received by May 1, 2020. No faxes or emails will be accepted. Students will be notified of their acceptance within three weeks after the deadline.

Q: Do campers need spending money?
A: The program will supply the required items (room, meals, and supplies). There will be an opportunity for participants to purchase snacks (vending machines) and souvenirs from the Tennessee Tech bookstore.

Q: Where will students reside?
A: Students are required to live in the residence hall at Tennessee Tech to help them become familiar with the on-campus living environment.

Q: Who will supervise the students?
A: Students will be supervised by University Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and trained college students.

Q: How may applications be submitted? 
A: All applications must be submitted online using the link below.

Apply EEC Main Page

For additional information, please contact us by email at or by phone at 931-372-3553.

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